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Housemari’s house

Been in PNG for several months now – thought I’d share a story. Our housemari (this is Pidgin English for “maid”) is trying to work us for cash so she doesn’t end up homeless. She has five kids that all … Continue reading

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The Dead Beat. . .

There is a discussion of Daisy’s book at the Guardian’s webpages on “Not the Booker Prize” (i.e. interesting books that don’t fit the conventions of the literary/publishing establishment). You can read it here. Just in case you’d like to.

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Like, for reals.

My roommate and supposed best friend is fucking my ex-boyfriend.   I found out today, but pretty much everyone in my friend group suspected it already. Including me. I had to verbally punch it out of her. Her reason for … Continue reading

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Hey kids, I made a zine. If you want one, let me know. If you don’t like cooking/baking you won’t like it. If ya wanna donate for postage clicky here and if you wanna donate out of kindness of your … Continue reading

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Here are some things that I’ve found

There should probably be a companion post entitled “Here are some things that I’ve misplaced.” I can think of a few things. I moved house two days ago (entering the world of property-owning capitalist running dogs. I am trying to … Continue reading

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My baby teeth

I wrote a poem that I actually really like. Since you kids seem to enjoy my stuff I guess I’ll post it here. Also, I’m sick of all the weird passive aggressiveness going on. Especially on “the DFP is…” thing. That is … Continue reading

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Dammit, Mack

And to think I was going to tell you how I met Daisy. (harrumphs off to sit in a corner and do her taxes).

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For sale, cheap

Anyone want a Plan-B emergency contraceptive? This time only – a special discount offer! Half off the original price! Hell, we’re giving ’em away! Yours for twenty five bucks! Unopened, never been used! Yeah, I was dumped. By the time … Continue reading

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