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football done properly

11 J-League professionals versus a team of small schoolchildren. But there are a hundred of them.

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Frankly I’m appauled by how bad Doctor Who has gotten

Just been watching series 4 and the 2009-10 soecials and peeeeeew, is there some stinky stuff in there. Still some good episodes early on, but the whole thing is turning into a giant soap opera and the final quarter of … Continue reading

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best non-sex-related spam e-mail I’ve received

ATTENTION: SIR/MADAM. For your information, we have been authorized by the President Barrack Obama to get everyone who is involved in money laundry and terrorism; this was as a result of what happened by a Nigerian man with reported links … Continue reading

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Tell me about Tattoos (was “Embarrassed Southern Steves”)

OK peoples, Update. I am definitely getting that tattoo. I want this picture on my arm. I met a lady whop does tats and it’s happening. Does it hurt? Do you have tats? Do they make you feel better? S. … Continue reading

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Board Killer – Word About Dragons

Let it here be known that there are two distinct types of the creature known as the Dragon. Firstly, there are the fire-breathing creatures of large size, evil nature and malevolent visage. They resemble large winged lizards and can fly … Continue reading

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I was into Dungeons and Dragons before it was cool

I’ve been into it since way back, when we used to carve our own dice out of wood and the manuals were hand written. Back when we used to actually cut ourselves when we lost hit points. Back when the … Continue reading

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