Beating a dead horse. Jarrod needs money…

My buddy P-Boy is a professional writer guy, so he says it better than I can:

“The only common thread many of the accused share along with Shanahan is that they are white, well-educated and politically active. For some strange reason, that is still used to discredit them and countless other protestors by Americans who curiously view protesting as un-American. The troubling aspect of these detractors is their belief that just about anyone who dares to take to the street to make a change are either viewed (in a carefully and racially coded way) as “animals” or “lawless thugs” or on the opposite end of the spectrum as entitled, spoiled brats, but they can’t possibly be American–like those righteous white dudes in gnarly wigs from 1773 who polluted the Boston Harbor with tea in protest of their oppressors.”

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