Please help with Jarrod Shanahan’s expensive legal defense! (a long-winded annoying request for donations…)


Please donate to help pay for Jarrod Shanahan’s legal defense.

Somebody once said if there were more bloody noses there’d be fewer wars. Well, the Manhattan DA, the NYPD, and their pals in media and politics aren’t so keen on cops receiving bloody noses in the name of ending the police state’s racist class war on the poor. They sure like to dish it, but they’d prefer to bankrupt you, steal years of your life or murder you before they’d even consider taking the tiniest dose of their own medicine… It’s important to support members of the community who are accused of defending themselves and their comrades from police violence. With all the self-interested back biting, social climbing and provocation by infiltrators that goes on in the activist community, sometimes the only way to know a comrade truly has the courage of his/her convictions is if they are willing to put their life on the line to defend themselves and their friends from the homicidal forces of state oppression…

Here’s the deal: I hope round up a few more bucks to donate toward Jarrod’s legal fees. He’s already been extorted for $25,000 bail (despite having no criminal record, which is pretty much unheard of) and because of the nature of the case he will certainly accrue a shit-ton more lawyer fees. There is no “official” fund set up yet. I’m doing this personally because I want to help, but can’t. One of Jarrod’s good friends has suggesting donating money to TMOCNYC. I’ll give it a few days before trying to contact Jarrod or his family/representatives to figure out if that is where he wants the money to go or if there will be a fund established specifically for his legal fees. I’ll direct the money wherever Jarrod and his family want it to go.

So, maybe some of you have auto-notifications of new posts on this blog. I hope so. Some of you I know on facebook and others of you may have gotten an email from me already cyber-panhandling. I’m trying to scrounge up a couple more  bucks for Jarrod Shanahan’s legal fees. Sorry to be repetitive. I spammed all 400 contacts in my gmail and got one anonymous donation of $20, which is unfortunately a lot more than I can donate myself. I’m dead fucking broke. This is all I can do. Beg. Please reblog or share this request if you can. Every little bit helps.

A good friend of a friend is in serious trouble. He is about to be railroaded and is already being defamed and villainized online and in the press. His case will surely be used by the DA, NYPD and the mayor to score political points for being tough on anti-racist, anti-authoritarian sentiment. This guy’s life is at stake and any one of us could have been in his shoes-– or we may yet find ourselves in his situation. So help out if you can. At lest help try to spread the word that Jarrod is innocent and that he is being falsely accused.


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