R.I.P. Shabbytiger

I heard today through Little Benny Catastronaut that Jason, a/k/a Shabbytiger on the Punk Planet forums, has died.

I don’t know any details, and I’m guessing Ben found out through Facebook, which I am not on, so those who have kept up with former posters may know more.

Too many people who were on pp.com gone too young….

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3 Responses to R.I.P. Shabbytiger

  1. Very sad. From the back and forth I read on facebook people are saying it was one of the freak things, the guy’s heart just gave out on him. Wish I had stayed in touch with him and gotten to know him better. He was such a funny, passionate and talented dude.

  2. Jen D. (now Jen S. I suppose) says:

    Fuck me. I had the best phone conversations with Jason and still have the Darby Crash candle he made. Sad news indeed.

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