Wow! I figured out how to login again!

It wasn’t really all that hard– just required a bit of effort, and making “efforts” has never really been my strong suit. But yeah. Here I am. It’s kinda spooky here. A player piano plunks out an off-key, dusty melody in this ghost town saloon. And all the whisky bottles are empty and were smashed to hell for target practice years ago by some junkie cowboy whose pony ran out of gas on the outskirts of town. So he spent a week or two slowly starving to death and shooting up his last three bricks of dope in the abandoned brothel upstairs. Just tumbleweeds and half formed thoughts blowing through the void. And not a 7-11 less than a two days walk away.

But anywhoo… I’m doing a zine again for the first time in like 10 or 15 years and it’s fun. 

Hope if anyone sees this you’re relatively happy. And more healthy than not!

P.S. – I made a new beat and it sounds like this:

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1 Response to Wow! I figured out how to login again!

  1. jillbinder says:

    You’re doing a zine?! Awesome!

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