Janet, and/or anyone else… Heard from Daisy at all lately?

She was always pulling disappearing acts… but I’d really like to know that she’s ok and hopefully still writing. It’s been about two years since I last heard hide or hair. I do ask because I am a bit blitzed and feeling nostalgic, but that lady is gold. Hey, if you should read this Daisy, just pop in and let us know you’re still kicking! Please? That’s all!

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3 Responses to Janet, and/or anyone else… Heard from Daisy at all lately?

  1. sjmckenzie says:

    I haven’t heard from her, but I know things got hard last year over a nomination for an indie publishing award. Did you hear about that? She was writing as Cody James at the time.

  2. janet5 says:

    I haven’t heard from Daisy for a long time. She was writing a lot and posting on the blog of the Year Zero Writers collective (as Cody James), and I know that she was doing some public readings from her work with some of the other members. I just checked – the Year Zero blog doesn’t seem to have any new posts since last autumn, but some of her old stuff is actually still there. She used to have a linked page at eightcuts.com, too, but it doesn’t link to anything any more.

    Yes, her book The Dead Beat was nominated for the Not the Booker Prize 2011 and reviewed in the Guardian. The review was not bad/not great, but a lot of the comments were utterly brutal – mostly from people who had never read the book, of course, although coming from Guardian readers, that doesn’t surprise me. If you search on guardian.co.uk you’ll probably be able to find it. At one point, I remember she responded in the comments and was attacked in a very nasty way – I felt horrible reading those attacks. Dan Holloway of Year Zero eventually withdrew the book and apologised to her for the crap she was put through. A lot of people seriously just did not get it, and she must have been very discouraged by that.

    She seems to be off Twitter, too.

  3. xxadaxx says:

    I think about Daisy all the time. I miss her and I’d love to talk to her again.

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