What are you listening to right now? (a Punk Planet favorite. . .)

I’m in an 80s kind of mood.

David Bowie, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Midnight Oil, Kosciusko

The Replacements, Kiss Me On The Bus

That last one’s for Alex. Yeah, I guess it’s not the same as Punk Planet. And there are only, like, five of us. I used to love/loathe paging through fifty screens of updated PP posts to see what all you guys were listening to, and pretending that I had heard of all those bands.

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17 Responses to What are you listening to right now? (a Punk Planet favorite. . .)

  1. epanchinriot says:

    THE MATS!!!

    I cannot tell you the time I spend throughout everyday wishing I had some sort of time machine to see them perform. Lately I’ve been listening to a mush of music. Literally. My proudest moment in punk planet history though is probably when I was listening to dramarama and K was like “this song rules” I was like 13 or something at the time and it was one of the few moments of pure acceptance on those boards (in my 13-year-old) mine. I miss you all. Sorry I suck at this now.

  2. epanchinriot says:

    Errrrr I meant 13-year-old mind.

  3. sjmckenzie says:

    lots of 70s rock bands – doobie brothers, steppenwolf, the grateful dead, steely dan, america, chicago, bands like that. i made a compilation for my brother in law and had to listen to it a few times to see if it was ok.

    i have never heard the replacements. confession made.

  4. mackthinksthissucks says:

    Albums I really like right now:

    Mississippi John Hurt – Avalon Blues: The Complete 1928 OKeh Recordings
    Inside Dave Van Ronk
    John Fahey- The Yellow Princess
    Leo Kottke – 6 and 12 String Guitars

    My tinnitus or ruptured ear drum or brain tumor or whatever the fuck I have in my skull is making listening to anything with too much distortion or drums very unpleasant. 😦

    It doesn’t surprise so much as sadden me that you haven’t heard the replacements, Steve. Not even this, one of my favorite songs ever written?

    OR THIS?!

  5. xxadaxx says:

    Stuff I’m into a lot lately: RVIVR, Gateway District, Direct Hit!, Future Islands, M83, Alive She Died, Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks,The Rural Alberta Advantage

    I want to set everything on fire right now, so BIG fucking BLACK.

  6. janet5 says:

    I went into the local record store yesterday. Yes, it’s a real record store, with real records. They have CDs, too, and a bunch of memorabilia-type stuff which is probably really uncool but which looks like it used to look in record stores a long time ago, and they have replacement cartridges for turntable needles behind the counter, and a bunch of used DVDs and posters. It also smells like rotting cardboard and dust, and I think the owner smokes cigars in the back. There is no air-conditioning, which can make it an excruciating, but character-forming, experience in mid-summer. I’m not sure what I wanted to buy; I had a half hour to kill before I had to be back in the office and I wanted to listen to something – I really just wanted to be inspired to *buy* something.

    This never used to be a problem. I could walk into a record store with no clue and find fifty things I really, really wanted in no time flat. But somehow, I found it hard to give a shit. I wasn’t in the mood to buy the Meat Puppets, or the UK Subs, or Mission of Burma, or the Descendants. I don’t want any “new” releases of thirty year old concert recordings of Stiff Little Fingers or D.O.A. I don’t care about Anti-Flag, the local cool (and therefore, in my mind, totally uncool) punk band that sounds vaguely derivative of everything else since about 1978. I really don’t. What I wanted to do was to ask the guy, “Do you have anything that would remind me of stuff I used to like, without sounding too much like it, and that is political without being cliched, and that has a good riff without sounding too much like pop?” I don’t think he could help me.

    I tried to browse for new, more indie-pop kinds of things, and that didn’t work either. They don’t have any new Neko Case, or any old Neko Case. They don’t have the new Bjork CD. They don’t have Blood Red Shoes. I knelt down by the racks of used CDs – which are only notionally alphabetized – and then had to sit on the floor because I’m fucking old and my back and my knees were killing me. I finally came up for air with two used CDs by Juliana Hatfield (who can, actually, play guitar like a mo-fo!), bought them, and walked out. When I got outside, I realized that I had just spent the small amount of cash on my person and didn’t have the money to go pick up my blood pressure medication.

  7. sjmckenzie says:

    I have now listened to the Replacements/ they are OK, maybe the sort of thing that would grow on me a lot if I listened to them in good company over the course of a summer. They remind me of the Plugz, a bit.

    Julianna Hatfield 3 is on high rotation in this house, quite often.

  8. sjmckenzie says:

    You punching me would be OK, maybe the sort of thing that would grow on me a lot if it happened in good company over the course of a summer.

    And, no, I stopped listening at Sgt Peppers. After that they got too mainstream.




  9. Steevo says:

    I’ve been listening to a lot of:

    Stiff Little Fingers
    Kate Nash
    Holly Golightly
    Nina Simone
    The Kinks

  10. k- says:

    Repeated over this past week:
    The Arrivals
    High Tension Wires
    50 Foot Wave
    Eddie Cochran
    Gene Vincent
    Gateway District [nods head towards Aaron]
    The Jennifers

  11. mackthinksthissucks says:

    I’ve always liked Eddie Cochran but Gene Vincent never did it for me. I don’t know any of that other shit. My kid just fucked up my stylus (put the needle on the felt and let her rip over night before I noticed…) Fortunately, last time I replaced my turntable and styli times were good financially and I bought an extra cartridge. Tested it with Always Was Is and Always Shall Be (Autographed! will sell for $250 or 2 oz. of decent weed.) Fuck! Yeah, it made my right ear buzz and crackle a little, but it was worth it. This is still in my top 10 albums of all time. GG wrote the music/lyrics, played drums, guitar and vox and produced. I still can’t get over the fact that most of this was recorded in 1978.

  12. k- says:

    Gene’s problem was he didn’t die in the car crash with Eddie. Instead, he was seriously injured and emotionally tortured (but not in a productive way, if you know what I mean). But he still wrote some great stuff.
    High Tension Wires’ ‘Welcome New Machine’ was my favorite album of 2011.
    The Arrival’s ‘Volatile Molotov’ was my favorite for 2010. Seriously good:

  13. k- says:

    Also, that is the best GG song I have ever heard.

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