You should check it out

Anne Elizabeth Moore’s blog, which is down there on the right side of the page. I hadn’t read it for a while, and then I took a look at the last essay she posted from Cambodia, and it is awesome. She is awesome, actually. You guys probably know her better than I do, because I didn’t show up at Punk Planet until after the demise of the print edition. She is definitely the über-positive side of punk (and I feel slug-like and guiltily self-absorbed after reading her stuff, by the way. But sort of empowered in the sense that I should get off my ass and do something). So check it out.

Oh, and somehow I missed all the international spambots on our “About” page last September. And where the hell IS everyone from Punk Planet? Losers. . .

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9 Responses to You should check it out

  1. k- says:

    AEM is pretty much the definition of ‘awesome.’ If you get the chance,check out her book about her Cambodian experiences. To call it smart and important doesn’t even begin to capture what she pulls off in around 100 pages:
    I think I am going to try and get her back up to Geneva sometime in the fall. You should come up and meet her. She is even more amazing in person.

    • Steevo says:

      I agree with Kevin…i met Anne several years ago in Providence…and she’s rad. Funny too.

      • janet5 says:

        See, that’s the point. I think she would find me a boring, pretentious moron. Or that I would turn into a boring, pretentious moron, because I would be trying to impress her or something.

        The older I get, the more I wonder whether I have any punk cred left at all. So people who really have done something amazing make me feel inadequate and depressed. Rebecca Solnit falls into that category (you should read her stuff – especially A Paradise Built in Hell). She’s so awesome, and nice, and cool, and interesting, that’s it’s just. . . too much. Can’t you be flawed in some way? Can’t you be insecure? Or at least egotistical, or really, really nasty?

        I’m having a punk mid-life crisis. But yeah. . . I’d love to meet Anne. And Kevin. In Geneva! And K – I’m plotting to get you down here, too.

  2. sjmckenzie says:

    everyone from pp is…
    – posting on some other hipster board
    – got a life, kids, job, mortgage
    – sulking because of mean hurtful rude nasty things that were said
    – not willing to participate in something that used to be a thriving community, and now isn’t.
    – some or all of the above.
    – dead.

    • Steevo says:

      other hipster board? are you implying that boardcrewcial is still alive?

      • sjmckenzie says:

        Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if people had hiked over there to hock their hipster wares.

        I myself was active on BCO for a while but lost my login details. Shame, because there was this one chick that really looked like a moomin troll who I detested / sort of wanted to fuck, and I always wondered what happened to her.

        Plus for a while I had this BCO theme tune all worked out (“I hate the BCO, I hate the BCO”, etc) but it as very similar to the Luv Bunni Press theme, and I lost impetus.

        • xxadaxx says:

          You’re talking about Roxy, I think. I deliberately scrambled my login info a year ago after they went private because it was a real drag. There were a few awesome people, but it wasn’t worth the aggravation to stick it out. When they started calling out rjohn for being some sort of oppressive creep, I said fuck it. Whether it’s because he was unjustly slandered or because of some sense of oppressive creep solidarity, I don’t care.

  3. xxadaxx says:

    everyday i’m shufflin’

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