Henry Rollins says something smart

Really, really smart.

My favorite line: “The guy at Subway is not trying to make you the best tuna sandwich you’ve ever had, he’s just trying to get through the day.”

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4 Responses to Henry Rollins says something smart

  1. sjmckenzie says:

    I’d like to think that the major labels and itunes are ‘worried’ by what he’s talking about but I don’t think they’d care at all. Its digital piracy that’s killing them, not indie idealism.

  2. epanchinriot says:

    Henry Rollin says smart stuff all the time! I wish I knew were he was going with the whole “bands today don’t look very dangerous” spiel. Mostly because that’s where I was starting to disagree with him. Not on bands not looking dangerous, but if they don’t look dangerous, what does it matter if they’re still DIY?

    P.S. You should also read this: http://whitesauce-hotsauce.tumblr.com/post/11475308475/i-love-nyc-so-much

    shameless self-promotion.

  3. k- says:

    I think he was talking about mainstream bands not looking dangerous, not DIY bands. I’m mean Kings of Leon don’t strike much fear in anybody’s heart, do they.

    As for Steve’s point, I agree that he seems to be claiming too much credit on behalf of the DIY scene for putting fear in the heart of iTunes and the majors. Though I recall reading a piece earlier this year (or last) about how one of the gigantic corporations (Sony, I think) was blaming file-sharing and free downloading on the indie music community. Specifically, the claim was that bands and small labels that were giving away music were fueling the culture in which fans think it is their right to get free music. So, while Rollins is probably over-stating the case, at least one major is on record for blaming DIY culture for undermining the corporate music industry. Deja vu of this:

  4. Son of Scary Punk Guy says:

    Sounds to me like Henry Rollins is a little jealous of Jared Fogle.

    Boo hoo, Henry. You can’t benchpress your way out of everything, you know.

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