Here is one of my favorite stencils I’ve come across in Galway over the past few days:

But I think my favorite graffiti of the week is a five-foot tall: “Fuck the Bankers!”

Post recent photos of graffiti below, if you please. That is all.

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6 Responses to graffiti

  1. janet5 says:

    Ireland? Dude, you missed the EARTHQUAKE on the East Coast.
    Nothing much graffiti-wise around here. I’ll be in Philadelphia this weekend – it’s usually good for unofficial public art.

  2. mackthinksthissucks says:

    Interactive Graffiti:
    20110301 170436

    • k- says:

      Very nice! Where did you come across that?
      I hope the artist got an NEA too.

      • mackthinksthissucks says:

        That was a couple of blocks from our old place in Brooklyn. Half the sidewalks in that neighborhood have been encroached upon by these flimsy plywood walls around stalled construction sites for the past five years or so. Perfect canvases. It’s funny though, a buddy of mine got busted for painting some of that disposable plywood shit and wound up spending the night in an 81st Precinct jail cell in Bed Stuy. But it’s totally legal for the contractors to put up those ugly ass walls that are always falling on the sidewalk, full of nails and splinters and just generally unpleasant, for indefinite amounts of time, even if they are recycled from other construction sites and already have graffiti on them. The crime is not the art, it’s the act of making the art, i guess. This particular guy does a lot of regular graff stuff and 3d stuff (all sorts of random urban detritus sprayfoamed to walls like mosaics…) Most of the Graffiti in my new neighborhood is pretty generic.

  3. All the graffiti round where I am is all scrawled tagging of gang names and hard to decipher but vaguely threatening statements like “Fri Nite Deth Boyz to the CNP!” and so on.

    Ugliest town I have ever seen, seriously.

    Just had a minor earthquake tremor. I am going outside in case there are more.

  4. mackthinksthissucks says:

    Inside of an abandoned warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I should have taken pictures of the ingenious structures that the homeless people who live here fashioned their bedrooms from. Little enclosures of milk crates, cinderblocks and plywood with ratty mattresses or piles of clothes for beds…

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