In Brooklyn

I’m alive and staying at Mack’s place! It’s been fucking awesome and we got wasted in Greenpoint yesterday!

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9 Responses to In Brooklyn

  1. k- says:


  2. janet5 says:

    Me too.
    I might not be able to manage the “walking quietly” bit, though.

  3. mackthinksthissucks says:

    Okay to not walking quietly on up floor.
    Man on down floor not cleaning his apartment making the cockroach crawl to up floor.
    He chain smoking. And generally unpleasant…
    Please to be making as much noise as possible to piss off man on down floor.

  4. janet5 says:

    Three words:
    Water flows downhill.

  5. mackthinksthissucks says:

    It heard shit rolls that way too! I’m not quite at the point where I would try to flood the guy out of his apartment or use feces as a weapon… But thanks for the suggestion!

  6. janet5 says:

    Two words:
    Accidents happen!

    Alex, what do you think of the fine, fine East Coast summer weather? Has it hit 95 with 90% humidity yet? (I’m back in foggy CA for a bit. . .)

  7. onegirrlriot says:

    I’m pretty sure it has. It’s gross. Especially down in the muggy subway. BUT it is fun, for sure. I met MIRANDA! She’s even more awesome, smart, and beautiful in person.

  8. janet5 says:

    Miranda!! I miss her. Her blog link (sum and substance) seems kinda dead, alas.
    Miranda!!! Now I am even more jealous.

    I’m not jealous about those humid subway platforms, though.

  9. Steevo says:


    yes, yay.

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