punk rock workout

I saw this in a bookstore yesterday:

At first I was horrified. What kind of money-grubbing schlock is this? Then I saw that one of the authors designed album covers for SST. Perhaps it is meant to be some ironic statement on the crassness of consumer culture in this post-ironic, post-modern, post-CRASS era? Then I flipped through it and decided that the authors deserved to be ostracized and anybody who buys it deserves to be punched in the kidneys. I waited in the store for 45 minutes but nobody else even picked up the book, so I couldn’t inflict violence on anyone. So I bought the latest issue of COMETBUS and huffed out in self-righteous indignation.





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7 Responses to punk rock workout

  1. I like doing star jumps to the Buzzccks in my kitchen.

    Not sure I actually need an instruction manual to do it though.

  2. janet5 says:

    Um, when I run on the elliptical thingy, I have Husker Du and Blondie on my iPod. But that is because they are really good for blocking out the macho testostero-rock that my gym insists on playing through their p.a.

    I like singing along loudly to the very, very beginning of Blondie’s “I’m Not Living in the Real World” for the benefit of my fellow gym-mates, too.

  3. Alex says:

    This makes my sad punk rock soul hurt.

    I love that you spent 45 minutes scouting out the store to see if anyone would actually buy it.

    I either listen to rap or any sort of fast stuff when I’m working out. Especially “Rise Above” by Black Flag.

  4. k- says:

    I listen to lots of different punk rock when I work out. And when I say ‘work out’ I mean ‘sit on my ass drinking beer and tequila.’

    • janet5 says:

      And I’m assuming that just because I said I work out, you all don’t think I have a fat middle-aged ass or something.

      By the way, according to his blog, Southern Steve has headed northward (Equatorial Steve!) and is off-line for a little while. So we can talk about him while he is away. Unless he just said that so that he can secretly monitor what we say about him.

  5. Great Southern Steve says:

    go your hardest, lady!

  6. janet5 says:

    Curses, foiled again! (and Mack deleted his comment. I was so happy that we could commune about our middle-aged asses together).

    I hope your move goes well, Steve.

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