got the mix from alex


I was having a fine time listening to it this morning before my daughter spilled soggy muesli all over herself ten minutes before school.

Will get back to ya.

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9 Responses to got the mix from alex

  1. k- says:

    Alex never sends me nothing. I’m pretty I was promised a mix CD once by her (or maybe it was Janet, or someone else) but I never got anything. Mack sent me a killer mix CD back in the days. I credit him for my Mclusky obsession.

    • epanchinriot says:

      It was me! And I’ve been thinking about that. I’ll send ya one to celebrate the completion of my zine. How’s that sound?

      Mack makes the best mixes ever. I’ve only gotten one from him but it was beautiful.

  2. janet5 says:

    I sent Alex a mix, and I think you liked it so I thought about sending you one. But I didn’t. But I really should (and I did such a nice job on the CD cover, after all).

  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    Cool. I’d love to get that. Although I’d also be really interested to know is what Trad Gaelic stuff you get into. It is my favorite genre right now but, like punk, it is about 95% crap and 5% genius, so having recommendations really helps.

    I got sent several mixes by Ben once and they ruled. And Miranda the Elder sent me a mix of drinking songs which I LOVE.

    Hopper 2ks mix was mostly instrumental metal, including some Rush. I’m not sure where I put that.

    If we were properly organized we could do mixes on Sendspace or something, but, y’know.

  4. epanchinriot says:

    Yay! I hope you get/got to listen to it after the spilled Muesli.

    Sendspace would destroy the purpose of a mix. The being able to spend hours drawing shit for someone, or just the fact that you’re holding something someone took the time to make JUST FOR YOU in your hand. It kills the romance of it all.

    In other words, I vote no.

  5. Great Southern Steve says:

    I kinda agree but I have balked at the cost of postage on some things I was going to send people, and I think other people have too, when they were going to send me stuff.

    • epanchinriot says:

      Gah. That is so true.

      I dunno, I keep a piggy bank and buy a ton of stamps whenever I get the chance (and change) nowadays. Writing letters to people and making mixes are the few things that keep me happy.

  6. Great Southern Steve says:

    I like the mix.

    Unfortunately it gets stuck around track 13 so I haven’t heard what comes after yet. Have to take it out of the car.

    As faor me recognising some things and not others: I recognise Kooks. And is that a tune by the Only Ones around there too?

    Apart from that I actually recognise nothing. Is there a track list?

  7. epanchinriot says:

    I’m never buying Cds in bulk again! Out of the 50 I bought at least half of them do that getting stuck thing!

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked it! There should be a track list in there somewhere. Did you check the bright pink piece of paper. It’s this type-written mess, maybe it got stuck in the envelope thing? I’m sure I stuck it in there…

    And yeah! That was The Only Ones, it was Oh Lucinda.

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