Bad Street, U-S-A

I would really like to get the opinion of our non-American cohort on this video. I find the whole thing hilarious, on so many different levels: from the ridiculousness of the lyrics and the cheesiness of the backing band to the macho/hetero male posturing and the cookie-cutter stereotypes of blacks and punks. And why the mohawk dude has a cross on his forehead is beyond me.

Also, I’m pretty sure Todd had this song in heavy rotation for the two weeks he was into punk.

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5 Responses to Bad Street, U-S-A

  1. steve says:

    The hair / beard colour mismatch made me immediately assume that was a joke.

    “Old Lady McDuffie she done give the cops a call” confirmed this.

  2. jollyseitan says:

    Hey, I LIVE on Bad Street, USA, and if you don’t think this is the kind of stuff that goes on every goddamn night, then you need to get out of your sheltered little suburban cocoon and move to a REAL city.

    P.S. This video is so totally accurate, as there are also a lot of Latino dudes with mustaches and spandex pants and loud shirts on Bad Street. In fact, they’re a gang. The Latino Dudes with Mustaches and Spandex Pants and Loud Shirts Gang. It’s a real famous one. Sometimes they rumble with the Yancy Street Gang. And the Van Buren Boys.

  3. steve says:

    The Latino Dudes with Mustaches and Spandex Pants and Loud Shirts Gang

    That name must make tagging a bitch.

  4. are you sure about that “hetero” bit?

    • k- says:

      The homosexual undercurrent is so strong all the way through the video. But then they add that one clip of The Dude walking with a female on each arm just to signal to the viewer that The White Dudes on Bad Street likes them ladies. That is the hetero-posturing I am referring to. Because without that one shot, it is pretty clear there some heavy man-on-man action going on.

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