Perhaps I spoke too soon about matt smith and doctor who last year

It’s a new year and a new season of Doctor Who coming up pretty soon I guess.

Thought back on my optimistic review of the first few episodes of the last season – “it’s better! the writing is less epic! more one off cool episodes!” etc.

What a bust that turned out to be. The last episodes were absolutely HORRIBLE. For exactly the reasons that I criticized the previous writer.

I don’t want to know who River Song really is or what “the Silence” is. I don’t care about the “Panopticor” or whatever the dumb thing was called. I want to see weird new things in spaceships and caves and mines.  That’s all.

Basically my new rules of thumb are:

– Avoid any episodes that have a plot feature that is capitalised – i.e the Rift, the Continuum, the Bullshit, etc.

 – Avoid any dalek episode.

– Avoid any Christmas special or one-off movie length episode.

– Avoid anything with the words ‘Time’, ‘Eternity’, ‘End’ , ‘War’, ‘Genesis’, ‘Resurrection’ ‘Victory, or any synonyms of those.

I’ll probably get to watch about three episodes won’t I?

Might be time to get out some Blake’s 7 on DVD.

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3 Responses to Perhaps I spoke too soon about matt smith and doctor who last year

  1. see, I mostly liked the last series. The Dalek episode was terrible, admittedly, but overall it was so far ahead of the fourth series it was silly. I love Matt Smith as the Doctor, despite pissing and moaning at his casting, and my daughter thinks Amy Pond is the best thing ever, even though I don’t actually let her watch any episodes.

    It’s still not as good as the Doctor Who in my head, but then again, nothing is.

  2. k- says:

    Yeah, I’m second MLH there. This season was better than the previous one. Sure there were some weak episodes, and the Panopticon was obvious from the get-go (gosh, who could the ‘most feared man in all the universe’ actually be?). But as a season-ender, it was pretty good (minus the last five minutes, which has been true for all season-enders) and it avoided the Doctor-as-Messiah cloyingness that had characterized the last few seasons. Even the Christmas Special wasn’t as horrible as previous attempts. And I still think Matt Smith was excellent casting. Plus, Pond is uber-hawt.

  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    She’s all right.

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