A new year, a gnu year

Well, it’s 2011 already and we’re all still alive. Quite an accomplishment. A toast and fond memories to those who have exited before us. I rang the new year in with just one beer under my belt. I was sipping rooibos tea as the clock struck midnight. I was at a party by myself, which made me my own designated driver. I sure got screwed on that set up.

Fuck new years resolutions. But here are things I seriously hope to do this year: learn how to play the guitar, suffer fewer fools, and tell people to ‘fuck off’ more often when they deserve it (they usually do). And maybe set eyes on at least one of you fine people.

Best wishes to you all. I hope we’re all still here next year.


PS And because you haven’t heard/seen this song enough, here it is:

PPS And for Southern Steve, who would like this version better:

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4 Responses to A new year, a gnu year

  1. steve says:

    Both at the same time proved the most amusing.

    Could be a weird year. The wife is a applying for a job in New Guinea and I might be going back to do further study if we go to live over there.

    My resolution is to keep up the gym work and get a lot fitter.

    “I’m gonna be the biggest man that I possibly can,” etc.

  2. Costa says:

    No real “resolutions”, but stuff I want to do in 2011;

    -Get this dog settled in.
    -Keep my work output up, I’m writing a bit more as well as increasing my comics output.
    -I started teaching this past November, I’m hoping to keep up teaching.
    -More tattoos.
    -Get in shape.

    Nothing huge, just little stuff I’m hoping will work out. I think they will.

  3. janet5 says:

    Yeah, what K. said. 2010 will probably stand as the first year since the 1980s that I did not suffer from severe depression every day. I’m not sure why this is (I mean, I’m not sure what has changed), but for the first time in a long time I feel as though I might actually live to the end of the coming year and possibly even enjoy something. I could not have written that last year.

    Other stuff from 2010:
    – I met Daisy!
    – I went to Iceland. It was far cooler than I could have imagined, and I actually got to meet Birgitta Jonsdottir (she of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative and Wikileaks, and – as it turns out – a BADASS punk rock girl).
    – I went to therapy a lot. I think it is helping.
    – I had, like, a real-live boyfriend for the whole summer! And we had the sex (although that didn’t work out so well). We are still friends, which is nice.
    – I tried to auction my Plan-B
    – Alex sent me a mix CD! (thank you, Alex!).
    – Steve and Mack and Kevin gave me good advice about recording onto my computer.
    – And. . . the crowning accomplishment from the very end of the year: I have become an official bourgeois pig and running dog, etc. etc. Yes, I bought a flat. I am now a property owner. Let’s see who I can exploit next. The flat is sufficiently large that I will no longer have to get rid of a book every time I get a new book.

    For 2011:
    – I will move into the new flat and will try not to break anything important
    – I will take the good advice that Steve and Mack and Kevin gave me about recording.
    – I will learn how to play my guitar, and actually sit and play it so that something sticks.
    – I will compose some lameass crappy music and send it to you all, whether you want it or not
    – In doing all of this, I will be less depressed

    Actually, if I can just be less depressed, that would be cool. I’m getting there. It’s nice, actually.
    And if I had sent this yesterday, it would have been 1.1.11.

  4. janet5 says:

    Hey Costa. What are you teaching? Are you a stern disciplinarian?

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