Shilling for Steve

For some reason Great Southern Steve hasn’t posted information about his CD on this site yet. But since I keep track of him on multiple places, I know that he and his musical partner have released a CD. They go by Luker and Southern and you can see the CD and artwork, as well as download two free MP3s RIGHT HERE. I’ll admit to being a tad bit skeptical at first since I had heard their demo version remakes of Steve’s ‘Golden Retriever’ (his 2nd best song ever, right after LBP) and ‘Career in Virtue’ (which is haunting in its original version). I wasn’t that excited about the remakes because I am such a fan of the originals. But the two free MP3 songs they have up there are bee-oo-ti-ful. Really, really nice. So give them some love and clink the linky to check them out.

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8 Responses to Shilling for Steve

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    Thanks dude. I will send you a copy fer sure.

    I would have gotten round to posting here at some point.

    I have just been…um…rejigging my internet presence.

    I think I mentioned do that sometimes. Then I recant.

  2. janet5 says:

    For some reason, I keep reading the title of this post as “A Shilling for Steve” (like, “A Penny for the Guy,” or something).

    I have been informed that some super-secret department at my place of work now randomly tracks individual users’ website visits. I could probably justify visiting Disgruntled Ponx as some kind of sociological research, but I will need to download music via MODEM at home.

    Damn. No more porn at work.

  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    hardly any point going in, is there?

  4. janet5 says:

    Well, I can gloat over the fact that Asshole Colleague #2 has gone to Singapore (we hope, permanently. I hear the food is fantastic). And I have access to all the free pencils I could possibly ever use. But yeah, come to think of it, what’s the point?

  5. Great Southern Steve says:

    You can gloat just as well from home.

  6. k- says:

    Got the CD a few days ago and it is in heavy rotation in the car.
    It offers a fine respite from the Christmas music the kids insist we listen to all day long.
    Really nice stuff on there.
    I think my favorite song on there is ‘Ten Miles to Abingdon.’
    Nicely done all around.

  7. Great Southern Steve says:


    Merry Xmas.

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