Self-Promotion: New single ‘Fuck You, Cancer’

This summer I got together with my old friend Jody, who I used to play in a band with. We hadn’t played together for over a decade, but I wanted his help in recording a song I had written called ‘Fuck You, Cancer.’ That is all there is to the song. I just repeat ‘Fuck you, cancer’ over and over again. What more is there to say? In the past year, I’ve seen an increase in friends battling cancer. Since we recorded the song, the father of our former bass player died from cancer, two close female friends were diagnosed with breast cancer, and two –TWO — of my eldest daughter’s teachers died from cancer within a month of each other. One of them was younger than me and left behind two small kids. WHAT THE FUCK!?
So I played bass and sang. Jody played guitar and drums. We also recorded two other songs that we wrote on the spot, but the primary purpose for us getting together was to record ‘Fuck You, Cancer.’ We call ourselves State of Franklin because we’re from the section of western NC and eastern Tennessee that was the short-lived state of Franklin.
Anyway, the EP is now available. You can go to iTunes (yuck, I know) to download a high quality version of the song, or you can go to the label’s website here for a free lo-fi version. You can also buy the CD if you want, but the other two songs are kinda weak.

(added by steve)

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5 Responses to Self-Promotion: New single ‘Fuck You, Cancer’

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    all right!

  2. k- says:

    Thanks for adding the Homer image. Inspired.

  3. janet5 says:

    Excellent! So much better than all the “let’s be happy and bright and cheerful about what cancer means to us” shit (didn’t Barbara Ehrenreich write a book condemning the “have a good attitude” crap?). But yeah. Excellent.

    Thanks for my Geneva 13, too. It arrived while I was in a particular low bit of unpleasantness, so it helped a lot. Thanks. I guess I will just have to live my life knowing that I will NEVER, EVER get to read issue #1.

    • k- says:

      Actually, we just did a very limited reprint of all 13 issues. We’ve got them collected in a boxless box set on our website. We’re asking for at least a $25 donation for them. Just saying.

  4. Great Southern Steve says:

    I also read an article lately condemning the plague of “positive thinking” in regard to people with cancer. Don’t people have the right to be justly pissed off when told they have a life-threatening illness? Pressure to adopt positive thinking just makes people feel bad for having negative emotions.

    Might have been the same article. It was in an Australian newspaper.

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