Lotsa Blogz

People have a lot of blogs, don’t they?

Take Piche. He has LOVE BUNNI WEST COAST, a about his move to SF. And  R.JXP’s Reposted Movie Reviews.  And his wife has more. And he used to have http://www.lovebunnipress.blogspot.com/. And I shit my pants, and all of that. Plus his actual website. And his myspace. And his columns.  and FB…

I have had a lot too. Talkingboots. Southern Steve (still up). Unbekownst Recordings. Plus a myspace. and an authonomy. And a redroom…not to mention private or family ones. Nearly all are offline now.

Every so often, I try to rejig my creative life by making new blogs, or deleting old ones, or reorganising the whole thing somehow. Like a kind of mental spring cleaning. It seems like if I can organise my net presence right, then my life will work better.

But mostly these days I just write stuff on MS word and show it to people…

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16 Responses to Lotsa Blogz

  1. janet5 says:

    Will you show it to us? (the stuff you write on MS word, I mean).

    Thanks for posting this. I had sort of wondered what R. John was up to, and I have been too lazy to figure it out for myself. And. . . Mindy has a coloring book! I miss Mindy. . .

  2. steve says:

    I sent a copy to Kevin yesterday.

    I can send it to you too, if you like fantasy novels.

    I’m curious about the reasons why people (including me) re-form their net presence. Seems like people make these commitments to blogs based on who they want to be. And then when they change their minds they have to change their blogs to reflect that. Blogs are like clothes, I guess.

    • Steevo says:

      reforming a net presence rings almost like you’re talking about fishing equipment. However, I know you’re not talking about fishing. wait, are you?

      Honestly, I’m pretty much the same offline as I am online- a fairly quiet, introspective fellow with a quick, dry, dark and sarcastic sense of humor- some people find it charming, others find it irksome. Also, I’ve been accused more than once of being pedantic- but then, I really don’t consider it my fault that I’m stickler for correct syntax and nuance of language particularly where the road of connotative meaning diverges from denotative avenue (it should also be noted that I’m highly prone to digressions and re-visiting conversational topics from minutes/days/hours ago- which, I directly attribute to being ADD/ADHD).

    • janet5 says:

      Steve, I’d love a copy. I like fantasy novels.

      On several occasions, I have (mistakenly) believed that if I created a blog, its very existence would somehow discipline me to write, or throw out ideas (and get feedback and then get inspired to work on them), or save me time by corralling materials, links and “thoughts” all in one place. It never actually worked out that way. I created a blog to serve as a massive, easily searchable FAQ for work-related purposes: instead of having to answer the same time-consuming question fifty times for fifty people, I could just respond brightly, “Check my blog!” I also tried to use it to publicize events or publications that I thought might be useful for the target audience. But after about two months, I got sick of typing. I also realized that I’d rather not spend my free time working on a work-related blog. And frankly, I just ran out of things to say.

      I might blog if anything sufficiently interesting or creative were happening in my non-work life. But this place works pretty well for that. I’m not sure I have enough life to fill an entirely separate blog for myself.

      • steve says:

        Janet gets me. This is what I was talking about.

        With me it’s like:

        – Decide on blog or website as public face of project X

        – Blog solidly for 2 months, 6 months, a year, whatever

        – Fall behind

        – Realize that having a dead blog is a lame public face for project X

        – Take blog offline

        – Repeat again with project Y 3 months later.

        But NO MORE! Y’hear?

      • k- says:

        Yeah, I get that. I’ve got dozens of dried up blog husks laying around. Every time I log in to WordPress, I see about a dozen blogs that I’ve created and discarded over time. The ones that seem to work are the personal ones, aimed directly at family and friends — and that have a clear expiration date. When I was in Scotland, I kept a blog which my family and friends followed with regularity. Last year, I had the Daily Piss Pot blog, which was fun and had a clear focus and expiration date. The same with this year’s My 2 Big Feet, though admittedly I am beginning to feel the daily entries are oppressive. But I can see the end in the sight. It’s the ones that I create for a mass audience that sputter and die, for all the reasons you and Janet mention. When I get to the point that I start resenting the time it requires to maintain the blog, I ditch it; swear I’ve learned my lesson; then repeat the mistake.

  3. i still need help making love bunni press, the site proper, a better site. I think there is too much junk on it. It needs focus.

    Yeah and Mindy has a coloring book. Want a copy?

  4. steve says:

    I’m no help. I just use wordpress and pretnd it is a real website.

  5. Costa says:

    I don’t know if I could adequately keep track of all the stuff I have going online. I can say one’s for pay, one is a feed of my main personal blog that I also use to experiment with that particular platform…OK, already lost track.

    A few are, to be honest, just placholders for the name/URL. This way if I ever say, jump ship from WordPress to Blogger or Tumblr, I have somewhere to go. Some are just showcases/homes for projects like comics I’ve done or, as in the case of the latest one, nerdy academic essays.

  6. steve says:

    Yeah, I do placeholders as well.

    Man, places like blogger and wordpress must be aboslutely riddled with dead and empty blogs.

    What was the mental equivalent of this habit before the inernet? Did people have piles of empty diaries lying around with only two entries ever completed, all for slighly diffrent facets of their life?

    I certainly didn’t.

    • Costa says:

      I totally had/have half-full and half-empty notebooks all over throughout my teenage years and beyond, at least before I started to organize better.

      Interestingly, I was reading some William Gibson last night and the concept of “ghost sites” on the Internet (half-finished and abandoned web projects and sites that just sit there, never going anywhere) came up.

  7. Great Southern Steve says:


    todd has a twitter and two tumblrs as well. and that’s just what i know about.



    The internet is funny.

  8. steve says:

    I want to properly read your punk rock coming of age story but my eyes go all blurry reading chunks of text on screen these days.

    Actually I can’t remember reading anything on screen properly, except The Dead Beat. That was the last time I did it.

    I recently got one of my things up on createspace and paid $10 to have them print the thing with a cover and all. People actually read that. They take it to bed, or read it on the bus or whatever.

    Anyway part of your story kinda reminded me of this sharehouse where there was a screamer.

    Sample note left by the telephone: “Your mum called while you were fucking.”

    It got to the point where people used to stand outside the door the bedroom door yelling out “Yes! Ooooooh! Yes!” to mimic her.

    She was unfazed.

  9. steve says:

    No. No goad.

    You know lots of people are dumb right? It’s easy to tell.

    If you say “I’m not sure I could really make it as a nose flautist / orchestral conductor / astronaut / ski instructor” etc and you can get responses like “No way go for it man you can do anything you want if you only set your mind to it” etc.

    Those are the dumb people.

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