i forgot my p/w and login id…wow

I guess that’s proof that I’m either getting old(er), or perhaps, I have too many log-in id’s or ——. anyway.

I moved up to Rockville, MD a few months ago, am still working the same cookery job….it’s nice to be out of NoVA and be a short 15 min walk from the nearest metro station, which means, no more expensive taxi rides….however, i’m looking to move into a more urban environment. At the very least, at least the horribly managed safeway near my house doesn’t close until midnight (a big plus from Centreville, where the grocery store closed by 10).

I’ve been here for almost a year now, and I think I’m finally starting to settle in, can navigate (on foot at least) the streets of DC rather well, figured out where to get the best coffee, that there is no good asian food in “china block” er….”chinatown”. I’ve even started writing poetry again…some of which, has been posted as FB notes (however, I’m rarely ever “tagging” people, because, I got bored of being disappointed by lack of responses, so I figure, if people see it, then that’s enough for me, I don’t think it’s right for me to pressure them into reading my blather.

that said, here’s a short one that I wrote about a month ago

The sky echoes
with rumbling thunderclaps
stretching from horizon to horizon
purplish bruised clouds
spit their cargo of warm, soft rain
creating cycle-completing steam
that rises towards heaven
as curbside rivulets deliver urban flotsam
to the Potomac

About Steevo

40 male takoma park, md https://twitter.com/exsk8pnk
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8 Responses to i forgot my p/w and login id…wow

  1. k- says:

    I only publish poetry, I don’t know how to comment on it.
    But yer shit is always the bomb. Diddy. Bomb.

  2. Great Southern Steve says:

    Potomac. Patapsco. Appomatox.

    Love those kinda names.

  3. k- says:

    Also, I’ve got nothing else going on in my life, so I revived my old record label: Girth Records. Check it out: http://www.girthrecords.com

  4. janet5 says:

    Steevo – It’s good to hear from you. I don’t have many dealings with FB, although I should check it out and read more of your stuff.

    I just got back from a week in DC – your poem reminds of all those summer days when the air and the rain and the river and the buildings all seem to melt into one. . . take care.

    • Steevo says:

      my poetry posts on FB are few and far between- maybe, once every few months- you can find me there via K and/or a few other likely suspects.

      You were in DC?

      ya shoulda let me know, we could’ve nibbled on burgers at ray’s hell burger or some other establishment that I like to support.

      • janet5 says:

        Yeah, I was there for a work thingy. I live in eastern Pennsylvania, and a good friend of mine is moving to DC in a couple months, so I’m hoping to get down there a little more frequently once she gets settled.

        I don’t know where anything is in Washington. I know the monuments and government stuff and some Ethiopian restaurants, but the “real life” of the city is a total mystery to me. And I’d love to grab a burger with you (or some Ethiopian food).

  5. Steevo says:


    while I can’t claim to have the ins n’ outs of the city 100% wired, I’ve figured out a good chunk of where some good stuff is to be found- particularly, if like me, you’re a coffee fiend. that said, I”m also a sucker for some good food- particularly of the dim sum. I’ve only eaten at a couple of ethiopian places- one was more impressive than the other.

    There’s only one monument I like, and that’s the one for FDR…it’s just cool (both figuratively and literally).

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