audio-spotlight marketing

As your average anti-authoritarian conspiracy theorist, I loathe surveillance cameras. They have become ubiquitous through most modern cities and towns. Even the school playground next to my house now sports two cameras — and four signs announcing that the playground is under surveillance. I am pretty sure, however, they aren’t actually operational. Just another way in which state authorities use the suggestion of fear and surveillance to maintain control over the dutiful public.

But the rise of the audio-spotlight is an interesting development. And by ‘interesting’ I mean ‘deeply disturbing.’ Of course, I should have seen it coming. After all, corporate capitalism loves the surveillance camera. In part to watch over the shoppers to make sure no one walks off with the merchandise. But also to monitor their shopping habits in order to further ensnare consumers in the endless web of capitalist consumption. But what if we could somehow turn the surveillance camera into a tool for marketing? Eureka, the audio-spotlight! Sensing when a possible consumer approaches, the speakers spew out the targeted commercial. Here it is in action in NYC:

Expect to see this more and more throughout your daily live.

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