40th Birthday plans / Mid-Life (un) Crisis

I turn 40 on June 1.

Scheduled celebration activities:

  • Scotch. (Yes, it counts as an activity. The way I do it does, anyway.)
  • Time away without the kids
  • Go Shark cage diving (i.e. scuba diving in a cage, with large White Pointer sharks just outside the cage)
  • Get some more tattoos  (I found a guy over in Melbourne who does the kind of work I want).

Does this sound kind of mid-life crisisey to any of you?

I’m concerned that people will think that.

But really it’s not like “oh my God I’m getting old, I never did what I wanted, and now I’m going to try and act all Young and Krazee to compensate.”

It’s more like: “I always tried to do what I wanted, but it kept fucking up.  Now, I actually seem to be well enough set up to do the things I want to do.”

I have actually had frequent crises of priorities of energy and commitment over the last twenty years. So another crisis now would actually not be a change. It would just be more of the same.  

I’m not having a big party or anything, and there’s certainly no second mortgage to buy a red sports car. Other than this post, there isn’t going to be much in the way of a reflection on goals and hopes and acheivements, either. Over the last few years, I really feel that I am just chugging along, doing OK.

It’s kinda weird.

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5 Responses to 40th Birthday plans / Mid-Life (un) Crisis

  1. k- says:

    I was 40 once.
    It was weird.

    I’m never one to really mark birthdays. And since I’m scared shitless of sharks, the whole shark cage thing sounds suicidal. I’ve got a couple of tattoos, but can’t really think of anything else I want inked onto my body. What are you going to get done?
    As for the scotch and time away from the kids, that sounds blissful.
    Have a good one.

  2. steve says:

    I’m getting a medieval map of Jerusalem on my arm, to go with the world map I got on my back.

    I’m also getting some monsters on my legs – from medieval legends of Africa.

    I have to wait a bit though, becuase the guy who did the first one has moved and my other contact is interstate. I refuse to go to the parlours. I don’t trust that.

    Shark nerdery:

    I’m not scared of most sharks – I’ve actually dived with tons of smaller sharks before, greys and silvertips and so on – up to about three meters, and they really don’t attack you. Apparently, even large sharks almost never attack divers, because they do not recognise us as food – they only tend to attack humans on the surface because they charge from below, mistaking us for seals. I’ve talked to people who have happily dived with ten meter white pointer sharks, down at thirty meters, and they have been totally harmless.

    However, in this situation, they bait large hungry sharks up to the surface with hunks of freshly caught fish – so the sharks go into a frenzy. You have to be in a cage – you do not want to be free in the water with great whites in a frenzy. They could easily take a bite out of you by accident.

    End shark nerdery.

  3. k- says:

    Yes, happy birthday faggypuss.

    (I spent 3 minutes trying to come up with a better name than Mack’s but finally gave up. He is better at the abuse.)

  4. janet5 says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve! Although I guess it is already yesterday there.
    My 40th was the woe-beridden pityfest that you, apparently, have managed to avoid. So I will take a lesson from you for my (far, far in the future) 50th, although I can’t actually swim so the whole shark thing would just generally be a bad move for me.

  5. steve says:

    Thanks guys. This faggypuss thing could really catch on! I’ll talk to my tattooist.

    Woe-beridden pity fests are a must to avoid. My motto: if you cannot have a real party, do not have a bad party instead. Have no party at all.

    Real party: a bunch of people that actually like and relate to one another drinking a lot and jumping around to good music.

    Bad party: a group of people sitting round a table, drinking in moderation, eating too much, and asking politley about each other’s lives to make it seem like they care when they actually don’t.

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