chronic overachievings

Because I figure everyone’s DYING to know what’s going on with me;

I’m starting a new webcomic project this week because well, I wanted to try something new, so why not.  Actually I’ve been working on it for almost a month because i want to have a backlog of strips this time (unlike the last few that I didn’t).  It’s about a guy and his dog and honestly I stole the idea from a joke in an “Outland” strip.  It’s called Let Sleeping Dogs… , I’m just throwing it up on Blogger so I can experiment with that platform.

Also, turned in the last of the material for my MA thesis. William Gibon’s “Sprawl” as the forefather of critical modern science fiction w/emphasis on it reflected in that manga franchise “Ghost In The Shell”.  Been thinking that in the next few months I might be throwing it up online with a Creative commons license on it for whoever to read.  I don’t know anything much about CC, but I figure it’s some hippie-dippie “free-love” sharing thing that scares me because I’m wary about protecting my shit.

Anybody have any Creative Commons experience?


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5 Responses to chronic overachievings

  1. k- says:

    I’ve had no experience on Creative Commons, but people I like and respect use it often. For whatever that is worth.

    Also, provide a link to the strip damnit.

  2. steve says:

    While I like your very thorough use of the categories I can’t really see what this has to do with boobs, drinks or food.

  3. steve says:

    And also, it concerns animals, and there’s a category for that.

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