foot meet body

This dirty old town of mine is situated on the norther shore of Seneca Lake, the largest and deepest of the Finger Lakes. Last week, a couple on a walk along the shore found a foot inside a shoe. Several days later, a body was found several miles further down the lake. I could take this in several directions, but what I found most interesting is that days later, the police were still unwilling to comment on whether or not there was any connection between the foot and the body. Really? They couldn’t look down and see if the body was missing a fuckin’ foot? Perhaps the same foot? Maybe the same style of shoe?

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2 Responses to foot meet body

  1. Costa says:

    This has apparently been a pattern in the US for the past few years, of severed feet washing up at beaches with no clue as to where they come from or what they’re meant to be attached to.


    • miranda bastard says:

      I thought I’d read that this was generally thought of as drug war related activity and that the increase in these incidences in the US goes along with the spread of the Mexican drug cartel activity into the US.

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