Renouncing Rock and Roll in favour of Folk music (and chinotto)

Beer = good, as we all know, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Chinotto = good. One cannot renounce a brand of music in favour of a brand of drink, but if I could, I would. Chinotto is better than rock music.

Rock music = bad. I really just can’t stand it any more. The end.

Punk rock music = tolerable, but I suspect I have heard enough. Thanks for coming, punk. You were great. Honestly. But it’s time to go.

New-style English folk revival = interesting. I’ll give you five years. Maybe ten.

Spiers and Boden – love them.

Saltfishforty – getting into them.

Louis Killen – keep hearing about him, will give him a try.

Don’t forget the chinotto, though. When one does not wish to drink beer, has already drunk coffee, and where drinking cola would appear unseemly, this beverage is the answer.

San Pellegrino –  the King of Chinotto:

Other brands – Kyneton Springs (bad), and Bisleri (average).

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4 Responses to Renouncing Rock and Roll in favour of Folk music (and chinotto)

  1. PD says:

    I can understand this. I listen to a lot of roots music. Lots of old fiddle playing from the 20s & 30s old rural string bands, jug bands and early blues artists. Part of the reason for this is personal, because I play fiddle & guitar.

    I cycle through rock, jazz and classical music. Don’t worry, eventually you will hear an old recording and say yeah. Then you will go through a rock spell. There is some good stuff in the idiom, though commercial influences always do it in.

    Rock is like roots music. The best of it comes through in the performance. Once they try to bottle it and sell it, they have drained all the life out of it.

  2. Costa says:

    God, I’ve been so sick of music recently. It’s why I switched my obsession to comic books.

    Right now listening to ridiculously bro-tastic metal/hardcore is the first time in a long time I’ve been able to enjoy music without worrying about writing a record review or whatever.

    Before that, the most fun I’ve had listening to music is watching old episodes of THE MUPPET SHOW and the musical acts they had.

  3. janet5 says:

    For some reason, when I first read this I thought Mack had written it (probably because I saw his picture next to it, referring to his comments). This added an extra dollop of surrealism to the whole thing.

    WTF is chinotto? I live in a backwater. Whatever it is, it will take years to get here, and then you all will have moved on to something else.

  4. Chinotto is an Itialian soft driunk made from cumquats. It is a bit like cola, but really it is it;s own thing.

    I am drinking it now. And I have loved it for years, so it ain’t no fad.

    Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were pretty good.

    They had a kicking hillbilly folk band on that show too, but I don’t think they were ever named.

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