Music You Might Like

Yeah so,

When we first set this here place up, I figured people would be able to cross-post stuff from their own blogs on to here. Save me visiting dozens of blogs. I’m finally getting around to doing that.

Here’s all the mp3s of other bands that I have posted up on my own site over the past year or so. Hope you like these.


LOCAL HEROES SW9: Grainy English post punk / melodic rock circa 1981, a little like early Police , Pretenders, Soft Boys, etc.

THE SOUND: Morbid early Gothic Londoners also circa 1981, a lot like some Echo and the Bunnymen or early Cure.

THE STICKMEN: Philidelphia post-punk weirdos with crazy vocals, kinda like the B52s on speed.

PATRIK FITZGERALD: The Bob Dylan of punk, late 70s acoustic guru. The file is about half his debut record, Grubbby Stories. Watch out for the vinyl crackles.

GEORGE THOROGOOD: No I’m not joking. These acoustic songs from his 1974 debut effort are worth a listen. I added bass on the second one, just for kicks.

I got some more stuff to put up over the next month. Got any old faves you want to share? Hook me up.


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3 Responses to Music You Might Like

  1. janet5 says:

    So I am sitting at home, twitching at my kitchen table, waiting to get back to work on Monday so that I can listen to this stuff (I only have a dial-up connection at home). See, this will be the most exciting thing that happens to me all week – I can already tell.

    Since I can’t listen to these yet, in my imagination I have already decided that I will really like Local Heroes SW9 and The Sound, not so much The Stickmen, and probably yes on Patrik Fitzgerald. As for GT – move it on over, baby.

    • Great Southern Steve says:

      Yeah the sw9 and Fitzgerald is probably the best of that lot, Janet.

      Man, this place seems well dead now, and no-one is dl’ing these who isn’t logged in. I’m gonna stick top my main site for this stuff.

      • k- says:

        You killed it, you bastard!

        And I downloaded all of that stuff from your original site. As I think I noted there, the Fitzgerald stuff is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

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