Frankly I’m appauled by how bad Doctor Who has gotten

Just been watching series 4 and the 2009-10 soecials and peeeeeew, is there some stinky stuff in there.

Still some good episodes early on, but the whole thing is turning into a giant soap opera and the final quarter of every episode is just dripping with bathos.

Also the giant mega “plot to end all plots” thing is getting really tedious.

I used to like it in the Pertwee and Baker eras when they’d show up, find some weird monster in a cave with a plot to take over a mining colony, defeat it in a nifty fashion, and then leave again, with absolutely no strings attached.

Instead I get: five billion daleks breaking through from a parallel dimension, with the only salvation trapped inside of the head of one of the doctor’s assistants, who must be sacrificed to save the entire universe from  destruction in five seconds time, and send the daleks back again. But can the Doctor sacrifice her? Or will he have to make a half-human clone of himself in order to help fight the menace? And what will happen to the Doctor’s zany love child from a previous marriage?

Personally I think the main writer, Russel Davies, has major delusions of grandeur and needs to be taken over someone’s knee.

Also the new doctor looks like a tit.


Disgruntled in Glenelg.

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9 Responses to Frankly I’m appauled by how bad Doctor Who has gotten

  1. k- says:

    Dr Who?!? You’re such a dork/wanker/loser!

    OK, now that we’ve got that out of the wait. I must take slight issue with your critique. I think Tennant has been an excellent Doctor and some of the scripts have been top quality, even in Season Four and a few of the ‘Specials’ in what I guess is Season Five. But I think you point out the real source of the problem: Russell T Davies and his over-blown, soap operatic narratives. When he has a hand in the script, it is a heavy, clumsy hand indeed. I’ll defend some of his narrative developments (eg, his desire to play god in the final bits of Season Five), but most were either increasingly suspect (eg., the quickness with which he felt guilt about playing god) or just plain unbearable (eg, the messianic treatment of the Doctor). Fortunately, Davies is gone. His replacement is Stephan Moffat, who wrote all the episodes over the past few years that you love (trust me, the great ones that stick in your mind? Written by him). I really like this guy and have faith in hi. The new doctor looks like a tit, but haven’t they all at first blush? I’m trusting Moffat on the casting and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for at least the first year.

    OK, nerd rant over.

  2. steve says:

    Greetings fellow nerd.

    Yeah I know Davies is gone, and I too hope Moffat will be better. But their choice of Matt Smith for the Doctor is a real worry. Doctor Who should NOT be cute. I agree, Tennant was pretty good, even with that bird-face he has. But I already fear Smith will be the next Peter Davidson: effete and risible.

    On the bright side, the new assistant is Scottish and looks like a hottie.

    To test your theory about Moffat’s writing, my most memorable episodes in all of the new series (including Ecclestone’s):

    The Girl in the Fireplace
    The one with the statues that only move when you are not looking at them
    The one with the electricity monster in everyone’s televisions
    The werewolf one
    The one with the adipose fat monsters bursting out of people’s clothing
    The first sontaron one (not the one with the clone gas, though)
    The one with the ‘Empty Boy’ during ww2
    The one with the hospital run by cat-ladies
    The one where everyone was stuck on the underground freeway for years and years.
    The one where the rhino-men took the hospital up into space looking for a runaway alien.

    Basically I like the off-beat, spooky, unexpected ones.

    Daleks in Manhattan wasn’t bad but the daleks annoy me. The whole moralising of them as “the opposite of humanity” makes for turgid storytelling with an inevitably epic feel.

    The set up to “Waters of Mars” was good but the ending had a serious case of Davies’ disease. Ditto “Planet of Death.” To start with I’m sick of all these fucking extra human characters.

    I guess I can check later if the other ones I like are by Moffat.

    I just want to see shit like the ZYGONS and the KRYNOIDS again. Those were awesome monsters. Or maybe a GIANT ROBOT one.

  3. janet5 says:

    You sound like a couple of chicks talking about the last season of “Buffy.” Especially with the “plot to end all plots” problem.

    Frankly, I still have not forgiven Star Trek: Next Generation for introducing the character Q. A being who can do anything – where’s the fun in that?

  4. steve says:

    You sound like a couple of chicks.

    Awesome! Nerd chicks are hot. I want glasses, big teeth, and long hair in a pony tail.

    Apart from the obviious lameness of all the deus ex machina, the probelm with the mega plots is that the dangers start to lose their sting. The daleks are coming back in season five, but so what? I have jhust seen an entire army of them killed at the flick of a switch. These days they’re really no big deal.

    ONE dalek should be scary. ONE!

    • janet5 says:

      “Nerd chicks are hot. I want glasses, big teeth, and long hair in a pony tail.”

      I will send you a picture of me, circa 1981.

      ONE of me was scary. ONE!

  5. k- says:

    Nerd chicks are hot.
    And Buffy was a great show.

    As for those Dr Who episodes you listed, the one about the statues was called ‘Blink’ and it was insanely good. There was a double-episode before that set in a pre-WW I boarding school that I thought was fantastic, but didn’t make your list. I agree with your critique about the two special episodes. And I whole-heartedly agree with the over-the-top finales when they bring back, yet again the daleks, who, by this point, have become banal and mundane.

    Hot Scottish companion? I’m in.

  6. Costa says:

    All I know about Dr Who is that apparently it and 200AD is all British nerds had while growing up.

    Also, that episode “Blink” or whatever with the statues scared the living shit out of me.

  7. steve says:

    DOCTOR WHO: THE JANET DISTURBANCE: The Doctor travels back to 1981 to save a young girl on the verge of discovering her awesome powers. But can he save her from fellow Time Lord, the DENTIST, in time?

    See, this is why they need to hire ME as a writer. ME!

  8. steve says:

    Yes they still use the same tune, but a modernized version. The original was the best.

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