Because I care about you enough. . .

. . . to want you to be entertained on a Friday afternoon:

Banking is one of those areas where I feel both stupid AND powerless. You can’t burn down their buildings and have any impact, refuse to do business with them (well, you can, but the consequences are pretty dire if you’re a wussy like me), take all their money, or pee on all of them. I guess co-ops and credit unions are an option for some people. But what do you do about banking bonuses? I respect Billy Bragg for his campaign against RBS but I have a sneaking suspicion it will make absolutely no difference. Actually, if anyone does know about any good cooperative banks or credit unions in the eastern US, please let me know. I could join my local teacher’s credit union, but their only building is a zillion miles away from me, and guess who does not have a car?

Whatever. I’m sure it’s all my own fault anyway. Happy Friday. Or Saturday, to Steve.

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1 Response to Because I care about you enough. . .

  1. k- says:

    Yeah, I feel your pain. I use a local credit union myself. But we’re all pretty much fucked either way.
    But I like the video. These types of creative expressions make me appreciate YouTube on occasion.

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