slow start to a new year

We’re almost two weeks into 2010 and we’re still coasting on Daisy’s last 2009 post. Not a good sign for the future of things, eh? Yeah, I hold myself partly to blame. I could be posting pithy, eloquent musings on the state of global affairs, toothpaste flavors, and the Arctic Monkeys. But I am neither pithy nor eloquent, so I usually wait for somebody else to post. So this time, I’ll post a YouTube video of Monorchid playing live. I always wondered why they never achieved greater recognition.

Also, I am quite partial to the fennel flavored toothpaste made by Tom’s of Maine.

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4 Responses to slow start to a new year

  1. steve says:

    Yeah it has been way dead.

    I’ve been trying to sort out in my own mind what this place is really for. I keep up with all my non-virtual friends through my wife’s Facebook page. I still hope to be able to have a base for virtual and creative + chit chat stuff here, but but it might be slow going.

  2. kristof says:

    woo hoo, i fucking LOVE The Monorchid!

  3. Alex says:

    Have you ever had anise flavored toothpaste? Changed my life man.

    Also, the Arctic Monkeys new album sucks, except for Cornerstone. They sound too much like a crappy version of Queens of the Stone Age on this one. But I like Alex Turner’s new long ‘do.

  4. Steevo says:

    I’ve been meaning to post, however, I’m still reeling from “Jane Doe” thumbing her nose at my culinary expertise. 😛

    Once I’ve recovered from the blow to ego I’ll resume posting banal inanities.

    consider yourselves collectively warned.



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