Oral Roberts, nooooooooo

Time to meet your NINE Hundred Foot Jesus.

(sorry, but I think this is one of those pp.com traditions that deserves to be kept alive)

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6 Responses to Oral Roberts, nooooooooo

  1. Daisy Anne says:

    Something Good Is Going to Happen to You!

  2. janet5 says:

    Um, am I really expected to say, “Noooooooo!”?

  3. k- says:

    I was worried that if I wrote ‘yesssssss!’ some Christian Right yahoos might flood the comments page. I seem to have that effect.

  4. chartreuseviolet says:

    dude, he’s dead?? i hadn’t heard that. what a happy day. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY!!!

  5. k- says:

    Of course. I had that first album. Can’t believe I misremembered it as 500 feet. I suck.

  6. chartreuseviolet says:

    i wondered if you were referencing him, but the 500 ft of jesus-ness threw me off. god, i would have like a million of his intellectual babies. those were the days.

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