Gupter Puncher Magazine

Dear All of You Lovely Ones,

I have this friend. His name is Oli Johns. He’s the best writer who is still alive. He puts out this brilliant FREE magazine called, yes, Gupter Puncher. I’d really love more people to read it. I have 750 copies to distribute. Would you lovely ones please check it out here:

and let me know if you want to help me get it out there? Or if you’d just like a copy of it yourself? It really is brilliant, and FREE, and I simply must distribute it, lest I die under a pile of 750 brilliant, FREE magazines…


About Daisy Anne

A writer. A video artist. A photographer.
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16 Responses to Gupter Puncher Magazine

  1. k- says:

    I’ll take a copy. And if you want to send me some extra, I can try to distro them,

  2. Daisy Anne says:

    Awesome dude, I will 🙂

  3. steve says:

    how do i get a copy? it will cost a fortune to send me one.

  4. MacGregor says:

    Daisy please send me one too. I think ur really great.

    • Daisy Anne says:

      Don’t I get on your nerves a bit? Regardless of that, you really should have a magazine. A brilliant, free magazine! Email me an address.

  5. That Rat Nest Brain Thing says:

    Men are pigs. He just wants in your pants.

    Anyway, send me a copy, toots.

  6. Costa says:

    I’ll take one, and I can even review it if you want!

  7. Dear Daisy of Anne!

    My friend (manifested in form of twentysix year old female), she stole the 7th issue(!). Now it’s in safe hands of a guy with tiny peanut. It really is. I’m sure you’d all wanna take it (the peanut) to your lap and nurture it like some baby Jesus or something as cute as that. It (still refearing to tiny peanut of mine)’s mine (the 7th issue of Gupter Puncher magazine) and she (my shefriend mentioned before) doesn’t know this, so I ask for your discretion. I’m not afraid of “|…|or else…”s. I’d kick the living shit out of her in case war would be declared between us. I’d kick it (the living shit) far out, no problemo. So yeah, I want more (issues of Gupter Puncher magazine). Actually I’d send this prayer to thy – the dearest Daisy of Anne; I want all of them, please! You recieved that amount of kindness toward a stranger, that I am sure of.

    Yours trully, Žida Velkavrh.

    PS I’m sorry for rapping your language. As white Spike Lee’d say: “I speak caucasian, father. That’s my language right there.” (idea stolen from 7th issue (the word is new to me))

    PPS With true love from Ljubljana, Slovenia. :*

    • I do appologize for posting the monstrosities which can be seen (but it’s definetely not advised for reading) above. It’s not me. It’s the language. I don’t seem to be able to use it right… I like turtles.

  8. sjmckenzie says:


    On par with that guy who turned up with the weird story about John Waite getting beaten up at a nightclub.

    Good to see this place is still letting out rotting corpse gas farts every now and again.

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