snow, man

With the snow falling on my screen and outside my window as well, I thought I’d share this NOFX video for their new Cokie the Clown song. It is pretty much only fun for playing ‘spot the punk celeb getting dusted.’

In related news, I used to like NOFX a fair bit and I have most of their releases. Last week, for some ill-fated reason, I decided to play four of their albums back to back. About halfway through, my eyes glazed over like a glutton at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sure, the first few bites were delicious. But by the time I finished, I swore I’d never listen to NOFX again. Sadly I have realized that they weren’t as yummy as I once thought.

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4 Responses to snow, man

  1. Daisy Anne says:

    I had that realization a while ago. Oh Fat Mike, I’m sorry…

  2. janet5 says:

    But yeah, Paul! Celebrity punk dustings are better than nothing.
    And speaking of snow. . . Alex must’ve gotten about two feet or so in Flagstaff. Jealous. We got a crust of icy slush (much fun walking the two miles to my therapist’s office today. I suppose it makes me feel all weak and vulnerable by the time I get there).

  3. Costa says:

    The snow here’s sucked, but I’ll be in snow-county like whoa for the holiday season.

    NOFX…man, wow. When I was 15/16, they were amazing. But they kind of haven’t aged that well, I can’t really listen to them for more than a song or two at a time every few months.

  4. chartreuseviolet says:

    blah, we got like 10 inches in the last couple days, plus 40 mile-per-hour winds. god how i love the prairie. but not nofx. sometimes i think i’d rather listen to mxpx. maybe i don’t get the powerpunk/skatepunk joy. but jawbox reuniting might be good, or at least my mom seems to think so.

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