So I’m learning how to edit images. Not quite there yet. This is the cover image with the track listing for Alex’s mix CD. Track 1 is obviously a little tribute to Steve, who inspired me to do a much better job on this than I might have, otherwise (Aussie chicks RULE!).

Boys In Town                Divinyls
Smoking Her Wings            Barbara Manning
Every Pretty Girl            Barbara Manning
We’re Having Much More Fun    X
Breathless                X
Dreaming                Blondie
Living In The Real World        Blondie
Luz Azul                Los Aterciopelados
The Fan Dance            Sam Phillips
Patience Is Gone            Barbara Manning
Monsters and Angels            Voice Of The Beehive
Say It                    Voice Of The Beehive
I Kicked A Boy            The Sundays
My Finest Hour            The Sundays
Super-Electric                Stereolab

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6 Responses to Super-Electric

  1. oh, the sundays, eh?

    i put some sundays on an english patriotism’ compilation i made a while back.

    I might post some tracks by them on my blog soon.

  2. k- says:

    I want copies of these CDs!!

  3. kristof says:

    ow, i love Barbara Manning, haven´t listened to this for ages!

  4. janet5 says:

    She lived in Germany for a while, didn’t she? I have somewhat lost track of her. The last I heard, she was studying/living in Chico, California and had a local radio show (perhaps she webcasts?).

  5. kristof says:

    i think she did. i think some of the stuff I´ve heard was recorded with german musicians. whatever…

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