werkings and imployings

Trying to work and find work sucks. Especially with the threat of being unable to find new jobs in writing/publishing/editing/web work hanging over your head.

Just getting that off my chest.  Carry on with your day.


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Writer. College professor.
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3 Responses to werkings and imployings

  1. janet5 says:

    Are you still in grad school? How’s it going? Your post, by the way, is much more interesting than my ‘carrying on with my day’. Go figure.

    • Costa says:

      Yeah, I’m still in school, hopefully finishing in December (long story, issues with my advisor). It’s a frustrating process, because I wanna throttle motherfuckers but I can’t, so I’m basically in limbo.

      I’m looking for teaching gigs, but I keep having to highlight that I’m “in progress”, which I’m sure is off-putting.

      • janet5 says:

        Good luck finishing! I highly recommend a symbolic “burning of thesis” as soon as you have finished/defended. This can involve effigies in flames (jubilant dowsing of effigies – and thesis copy – in gasoline, fun with matches, etc.).

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