The only bad part about it getting cold?

I can feel every single temperature drop.

Seriously, it dropped about ten degrees last night and I can feel it in my back and left leg.  Being busted sucks.  At least this year we have partial heat in the apartment, last year it was a fight to get heat in the building outside of the landlady’s place.

Otherwise, hooray for one of my favorite seasons.  You can bundle up against the cold a lot easier than you can fight the heat.


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2 Responses to The only bad part about it getting cold?

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    We have about two months of OK weather ahead before things start to suck it big time.

    Then it’s January, February and half of March, which are all about sunburn, bushfires, and little old ladies dying when the power system blacks out and their air conditioners fail.

  2. Steevo says:

    I can relate. I’m considering buying those icy hot wrap things…anything to help improve my knee flexibility.

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