The world hates me

So, my Facebook account has been down for the last four days for “site maintenance.” They tell me that they are aware of the problem, but have no idea when they will get it fixed. Yesterday my e-mail account went down. The server is run out of the basement of a friend and he hasn’t been able to find the time to get it back up and running yet. So this forum is one of the only ways I have to communicate with the outside world.

This morning I got a call from my bank that said my debit card had been ‘compromised’ and that they have closed down the card and will be sending me a new card ‘soon.’

Why the woe-is-me? Because this afternoon I am flying down to Florida for the theatrical premiere of the documentary I made (see earlier post). But with the way things are going, I am sure the plane will probably crash. I want it to be documented that I believe all of these events are connected and if I die, I want you all to launch an investigation. I think the evil Republicans are in cahoots with the dragons to destroy me. Or at least cause me grief.

(Todd would understand me. *sigh*)

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17 Responses to The world hates me

  1. epanchinriot says:

    Sorry about all this bad business.

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t hate you.

  2. Costa says:

    If it helps, I didn’t do that you your stuff OR hate you!

    Sucks ass, I hope you get it cleared up soon!

  3. k- says:

    Still no e-mail or facebook. But the plane didn’t crash and I didn’t die (yet). And the premiere was packed both shows and the reception of the film was great. Beyond expectations. It is cool seeing what you made on a big-ass screen and having hundreds of people laugh when you hope they will.

  4. janet5 says:

    I’m glad to hear that the film premiere went well. Clearly, there is some element of the world that does not hate you (but rather is very fond of you!). Same thing happened to me last summer with my credit card. It would not have been so bad except that my ATM/cashpoint card number and password were stolen *the same week* and the bank canceled that card, too.

    Mack, I’m drinking tea and eating pumpkin bread. Although I guess this is technically lunch and not breakfast.

  5. Daisy Anne says:

    Boo for emails and facebooks that don’t work. Boo also, for compromised bank cards.
    But, a big fucking YAY for well-received works of art!!! Way to go, Kevin! I can’t wait to see it myself 🙂

    P.S. Guys, I shall have some exciting news myself soon…

  6. Great Southern Steve says:

    I fear I am going to end up very jealous of Daisy when she gets some great publishing deal.

    I’ll be all like, “Hey, that could be me! Except that Daisy has done all the work and I haven’t.”

  7. Steevo says:

    if the promo clip is any indication, I’m sure it’s a bang-up documentary. and now, my hunt for Stevie Stilleto recordings begins (it’s a damn shame i’d never heard of them until recently).

  8. k- says:

    Daisy is just toying with us.
    C’mon, out with it already!

  9. steve says:

    oh for pete’s sake.

  10. Steevo says:

    well, she does have a web presence, but, I don’t feel it’s my place to link it up. however, I will say this: Daisy did provide for all of us a gentle nudge towards its general direction. 😀

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