Modern Plumbing

Download: Southern Steve: Modern Plumbing Mp3

Fight fight, did your parents fight?
Did you lie around and listen to ’em half the night?
Ding dang dell,
Now you live in hell
When you consider who’s in heaven then that’s just as well
Y’ can’t stand the music on the radio
Can’t stand the people on the TV show
Way way wash the pain away
Wash all the little irritations down the drain
Scrub until you’re squeaky clean
Scrub and scrub until your irritation can’t be seen
There’s no need to fear
Modern Plumbing is here!

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5 Responses to Modern Plumbing

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    yeah well I added you to post here anyway Josh so hang around.

    BTW you should go to my site and listen to ‘Legend.’

    It’s one of the Joy Division-ish ones, you will probably like it more.

  2. Daisy Anne says:


  3. k- says:

    Yeah, it is really excellent. Today I found myself walking around singing to myself “fight, fight, did your parents fight?” It took me a good half hour to realize where I knew that song from. Very catchy.

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