green day fade away?

I seem to recall that Daisy posted something back on the ol’ boards about being excited about the new Green Day album. But since it’s release I haven’t heard anybody talking about it — either negatively or positively. I was wary of the hype around American Idiot when it first came out, but I’ll admit that it is a pretty good album. But the silence around the new album (I can’t even remember what it is called) seems odd to me. Granted, I don’t read any glossy music magazine, watch MTV, or listen to the radio — so there could be massive hype around this album, but none of it is reaching me.

Then a few days ago, when I was strapped down to a dentist chair, I heard a song off of the album. I can’t recall anything about it, it was that forgettable. So unless Daisy or one of you other sophisticated taste-masters can offer up some praise, I’m writing the album off and assuming American Idiot was a lucky gem from an otherwise fading band. (Oddly, I do still love me some Pinhead Gunpowder).

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  1. Well, I haven’t heard it. Nor have I heard American Idiot.

    Bear that in mind as I review the release anyway….

    21st Century Breakdown, the latest release from Green Day, lacks the punch and vigour of their earlier albums. With every album, this band sounds more and more like a Billie Joe Armstrong solo project with two backup musicians, and less like a band that are having fun and enjoying playing together. There’s just no synergy anymore.

    It looks like the whole Foxboro Hot Tubs experiment was unsucessful. Even when the boys pretended to be an unknown band just starting out, and getting the fresh crowd feedback that came from playing in tiny venues again, the magic was still gone.

    Try as they might, the lads from Green Day just can’t recapture all that energy and joy that they bottled up and sold like soda, on albums like “Kerplunk” and “Dookie”.

    There. How’s that?

    Personally I don’t think it’s as good as the review of “Revenge of the Sith” that I wrote before I saw it. But I still think it’s a solid effort.

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