The Most Punk Bunny Ever.

Her name is Deg, she beats up cats and dogs alike.

Her name is Deg, she beats up cats and dogs alike.

This is my bunny Deg, relaxing in the weeds/ dichondra that is probably never going to grow. We’ve recently moved to a house from a tiny, tiny apartment. From this picture she is obviously enjoying the move. This picture was taken just a little after she lunged at one of my sister’s cats for coming near her. Nobody interrupts her sunbathing. Nobody.

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7 Responses to The Most Punk Bunny Ever.

  1. chartreuseviolet says:

    doooood. i fuckin love bunnies! isn’t that a cure song? but seriously. my rabbit used to love to intimidate my sister in law’s cats into refrigerator-perching banishment. he wasn’t mean, he was just really into mind games. and that dichondra will never grow. personal experience.

    • Daisy Anne says:

      Your avatar — it is that wonderful picture of Stoopid Jonny, isn’t it?

      • chartreuseviolet says:

        why, yes, it is. i selfishly saved it from near-extinction. i miss his loathe of me. god, i sound like the fuggin bob seger of digitalpunk forums. excuse my decrepit age and frequent reference to the good ol days tha’twernt. carry on.

      • Daisy Anne says:

        Jonny is one of my favourite friends.
        The minute that I set eyes on him in real life,
        I felt completely comfortable
        which is saying a lot since I am mentally ill and
        socially inept.

  2. Great Southern Steve says:

    but bunnies are supposed to be CUTE!

    You’ve ruined my innocence.

  3. chartreuseviolet says:

    that’s really interesting, given his rep for total hatred. i never bought it, always liked him. is it related to social and mental disfunction? cause i have that in spades as well. i doenvy your meeting him though, i never met any pp-ers in person. sigh.

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