Minti Mindi Dot Com Theme Song

In case ya forget I'm gonna tell ya again!


Click the chicken to play!

I’m glad to get this one off my chest, really. This track is ages old, dating from the first few months we were in the Solomons a few years ago. It was next on my muzak list, after the  LBP song.

I told Mindi I’d do it, but then just as I was finalizing the music, my hard drive died, and I’ve only recently got the data off.

It didn’t take much more to finish; a few vocal harmonies and that was all. The mix is kinda rough and trebly but basically it sounds OK.

In the interim, though, the website in question has died, as Mindi never actually sold anything on there, and she has moved on from yarn monsters to ornaglyphs anyway.

But here it is, for those who like dusty old pop muzak relics and ultra-tacky, parodied commercialism. Vocals by my wife Louise.

Now I can get on with my BCO tune. Maybe that website will go down, too.


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7 Responses to Minti Mindi Dot Com Theme Song

  1. k- says:

    Fucking fabulous. Best thing I’ve heard all day.

  2. chartreuseviolet says:

    fabulous. it reminds me of bis kinda. ohhh yeahh, shaawtayy!!

  3. Daisy Anne says:

    Love it love it love it!

  4. Great Southern Steve says:


  5. kristof says:

    that “bird” gave me a sleepless night. aaaargh!

  6. janet5 says:

    Love it, too! (I woulda loved it earlier but was trying to listen on a dial-up connection from home, which didn’t work out so well). Excellent!

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