RIP, Von Kobra

A few hours ago, I learned that Johnny Von Kobra passed away on July 18th.  He was a very quick witted man, with a big heart, whose departure from Earth has left a big hole in many lives. Here’s what his brother posted Johnny’s facebook page.

Hi everyone. This is Jeremy Hicks, Johnny’s big brother here.It’s my melancholy duty to inform you all that Johnny passed away yesterday morning 19 July on Hamilton Island from what appears to have been a massive epileptic fit. We’re all so upset to lose the big fella, we’ve only just found out so we haven’t been able to make any arrangements re: funeral etc…
Please feel free to ring me on (redacted) or contact me through my Facebook page and I will be able to let you know what’s happening about the funeral. I’m so so sorry to have to let you all know about it this way. He was my best mate and I’ll miss him so badly ’til I see him again…

regards, Jeremy Hicks.

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8 Responses to RIP, Von Kobra

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    That’s sad, and weird.

    I have been thinking about that guy for the last week or so, wondering when he was going to show up and berate us all. I even thought blcakes might be him.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Folk music sucks.

    Take heroin and get cocks tattooed on your face.

    *resumes listening to GG Allin & Anal Cunt*

  2. janet5 says:

    Totally ignorant, here, but – was this our beloved PP JohnnyCakes from NZ? I’m very sorry to hear this, although I wasn’t familiar with him beyond PP. This is sad news, and condolences to his friends and family.

  3. k- says:

    This really really sucks. I’ve been numb all day after hearing the news.

  4. Daisy Anne says:

    He was quite young.

  5. janet5 says:

    This is sad news.

  6. maggieloveshopey says:

    that is rubbish news.

    The U-boat pens in heaven have a new commander tonight.

  7. xxadaxx says:

    I still can’t listen to The Beatsteaks or Turbonegro without thinking of Johnny.

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