wires on the brain

I’m constantly frustrated by the fact that when it comes to computers, I’m perfectly mediocre. I know enough to get myself around the internet, do some of the bloggings like the kids do, find pictures of otters, and more or less just get myself in trouble.

After a brief freak-out today that was resolved when my girlfriend reminded me about cleaning and defragging, as well as dropping a few programs, I came to this realization. I really don’t know enough to be able to calmly take care of stuff like that, and no matter how I try it’s hard for me to remember and figure out. It’s just not really my thing. I know that there are tricks I could do and things I could learn to take care of my laptop all on my own, but shit if I know them.

I sometimes wonder if it’d be better to not know about those things, to just be totally oblivious and be the type who’s dependent on some Geek Squad type at Best Buy.

This way I don’t give myself ulcers as I stress over how my computer is going to explode in a haze of miniaturized mushroom cloud mania and I lose all my papers, my drafts, scripts, notes, everything, without having had a chance to back it up.

As the better half said today, it’d be really fucking nice if the goddamn things could just repair themselves.  I’d gladly bow down to the nanite-powered machine overlords if it meant I could not worry about the threat of spyware and a dying hard drive eating my writings up at a moment’s notice.

I’m going to gather I’m the only one in this situation.

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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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1 Response to wires on the brain

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    hard drives just suck. external or whatever. the whole idea we need ‘storage’ now to make our lives work out is just scary.

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