Poo Flags for Palin

Here’s one of the shots of the poo flags I was talking about in Berlin.There were dozens of these close to where we were staying. Part of some shame campaign that does not seem to be working, like, at all.


I gotta say, seeing piles of poo all over the footpaths of a major European city was kind of odd. Like, don’t they have doggy doo laws? The Brits are crazy for that. Anyway I guess thse guys are doing their best, with typical German flair and humour.

Also, I dunno what Haufen Sucht Herrchen means but if you google it, you get links to websites called http://www.haufen-sucht-herrchen.de/ which claim to be das Portal für Tonnen von Scheisse!! And I’m pretty sure I know what that means.

Wider searches for poo flags lead to all sorts of  pranksters both German and American. But these Bush flags are years old (2005) and predate the current political crew.

Where’s the one for Sarah Palin? Surely if anyone could stake a claim to total crap, it’s her. (And seriously, I tried to think of a local example who could match Palin in this regard, and came up short.)

You guys need a Palin poo flag movement.

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1 Response to Poo Flags for Palin

  1. k- says:

    Hands down, this is the best post this site has ever seen.

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