anger is an energy

I used to think that my anger protected me, but really, all it does is alienate myself from others, thus creating a vicious circle of expectations which are often unmet.

How do I free myself of anger? How do I come to grips with trying to expect others to adhere to the standards I hold myself to?


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2 Responses to anger is an energy

  1. GSS says:

    I remember seeing John Lydon talking about anger once and he just seemed kind of…pathetic, he was trying to justify himself all the time.

    He was going on about his “right” to get angry – the idea that people were trying to make people be nice, and take away their “right” to be angry, was the very thing that was making him so angry. Another vicious circle.

    Feeling angry sucks – and I have done a whole lot of it in my time so I can speak with veracity on that. But I don’t want to defend my right to do it. I just need to do to sometimes to clear the bullshit out of my life. It’s when I get caught up in feeling that anger is a “precious” part of me and that other people are trying to take it away – that’s when I get the most fucked up.

    So, anger is an energy, sure, but there is nothing that special or precious about it.
    Unless it’s directed into creativity I guess.

  2. chartreuseviolet says:

    i’ve wondered myself if i identify too much with my anger. who would i be without my righteous indigination? i think anger isn’t so much at issue as attachment to that anger is. the only way i know to deal with it is, that if you feel it rise up, note it, and move on or direct it in some productive manner. it’s the ego, resentment, protection, all these other things that are associated with it that get me into trouble. real emotional engagement with the world is a good thing, even if it isn’t always fun. i have to believe that.

    i don’t know about holding people to standards. i have had a brutal awakening as to how impossible my standards are for any humans to live up to, for however basic and right i think they are. i haven’t come to terms with how or if that can be shored with any kind of personal relationship with anyone. i thought i knew, but clearly i know nothing. let me know if you figure anything, i’ll be waiting in my hole, haha. btw, diggin the playlists. you really are obsessed with the nma aren’t you? ha.

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