Punk Haikus

Shirts off in the pit

Sweaty bodies all around

Tomorrow – bruises!

Razor and raw egg

Shave the side and rub it in

Instant mohican

Three chords and the truth

All you need to start a band

(drums are useful too)

Radical veggies

Firmly against prejudice

But still mostly white

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4 Responses to Punk Haikus

  1. kristof says:

    Hate your SUV
    Crashing into harmless me
    Need more bike parts now

  2. k- says:


  3. Daisy Anne says:

    nice haikus fellas
    so often haikus are shit
    but these were real good

  4. kristof says:

    Daisy is a punk
    punks know what art is about
    Daisy Anne knows too

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