Berlin Wall – Art vs Grafitti


Crowd barriers to protect a new section and blank panels


Art in progress (behind barrier)


Get Human! (behind crowd barrier)


Rather optimistic East Side Gallery sign, asking for work to be respected


New section of the wall in sketch form


Unprotected section in the process of being tagged by pesky teenagers


Typical finished ‘art’ section


Typical unprotected section with graffiti and art.

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7 Responses to Berlin Wall – Art vs Grafitti

  1. janet5 says:

    Steve – these are great photos – thanks! Did you need to get permission (or get invited by the artists) to get behind the barrier to take some of these?

    Somehow I still can’t process the irony of building a barrier to keep people away from the Berlin Wall, after those decades of there being. . . armed guards and a barrier to keep people away from the Berlin Wall. And again, in my mind there is always a vague confusion and discomfort about the relationship between the state and (public) art, despite what I said in my earlier post about wishing there was more public art! Call me self-contradictory.

    But I do like these photos a lot.

  2. Great Southern Steve says:

    No, I just stuck my camera through the fence and zoomed in til it framed up OK.

    As you can see the barrier isn’t that far away from the wall.

    Glad you like ’em, anyway.

    In other news – we got Dan Pawley on board. Hooray!

    I’ll sign him up latorz.

    Edit: OK Dan you are signed on now. S.

  3. kristof says:

    btw: what I find to be more impressing is that brick line on the ground that shows where the wall used to be all over town, though you hardly even notice it.

  4. Great Southern Steve says:

    I don’t think I ever noticed that, Kristof.

    We spent most of out time in the east, in Prenzlauer and Kreuz. I think the only time we actually got anywhere near the west was the day we went to the wall itself.

    I have more photographs, by the way, of these little paper flags they put in dog-shit, which is all over the street. I don’t know if that is Berlin-wide or just related to Prenzlauerberg. But serioulsy, someone is going to a lot of trouble to put a little paper cocktail flag in every pile of crap they can find.

    Maybe you can tell me what this means.

  5. janet5 says:

    OK – someone really DOES need to explain that. I have this image of ironic Berlin performance art that would involve little flags in pretty colors, or little flags with ‘civic-minded’ messages written on them.

    When I was in Luxembourg I was impressed by what seemed to be really high-tech parking meters, until someone told me that they were dispensers for plastic baggies for dog shit. It really is a very, very tidy country.

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