I Regret Not Meeting Kristof the German

To: kristof
Date: Apr 21, 2009 8:42 AM
I’ll be in Berlin between June 10 and June 17 staying in Prenzlauer Berg. Tell me about good gigs.  Steve from PP.

From: kristof
Date: 21 Apr 2009, 07:23 PM
hey steve!!! nice! first, drop by at Hans Wurst, it..s a vegan restaurant I am working at. you will like it. MORRISSEY will play the 12th, but it is already sold out. on 14th, MAHJONGG will be playing, same district, and on 16th, WAVVES and FINALLY PUNK are playing in kreuzberg. that not much for now, but as usual, tons of shows will be then, it is just too early to know…hope to see you then!!!! kristof


To: kristof
Date: Apr 29, 2009 2:38 PM
OK cool, I will drop into Hans Wurst. Our place is on Immaneulkirchstrasse so I think we are very close by. Can you let me know what nights you are working. We get in on a Wednesday. Looking to do something good on the weekend.
See ya, Steve.


Von: kristof
Datum: 29 Apr 2009, 14:50
hey steve, yay, thats really close by. i know when i ll be working a few days before, so maybe remember me then. would be nice to meet you! I will be out of town with my band on friday, but the rest of the weekend I ll be up for anything, and I might know good places to go. I am sure you ll like the city a lot. cheers! kristof

(ages later…)


An: kristof
Datum: MONDAY 15 Jun 2009!!! 19:57
hi; Well it has taken me a long time to get to the internet (bluh). We leave on Wednesday. So if you want to catch up maybe tommorow? I will try to get to Hans Wurst tommorow night or will check my mypsace mail again tommorow. Hopefully you are working there tommorow night. I’m off to see a band now, later, Steve.

Von: kristof
Datum: 16 Jun 2009, 00:36
hey steve, i am only working on wednesday night this week. too bad you did not call up before, i would really have liked to see you guys. tomorrow i am already busy. goddamn…hope you enjoyed your stay? hugs

To: kristof
Date: Jun 16, 2009 9:37 AM
yeah bummer, I just got distracted by all the things to do, also I mis-read your other message and thought you were out of town all weekend. We had a great time here though. See ya, Steve.

Von: kristof
Date: Jun 16, 2009 7:11 PM
hey dude, too bad. you..d been the 1st PP veteran i was about to meet. haven’t heard of the others since the board closing. bummer. i..ll write you when i..m in Australia, in let..s say 20 years or so, haha…hugs!


Really all of this was just silly. The guy worked AROUND THE FUCKING CORNER from where we were at.

I have only myself to blame…but basically, I bet I would probably end up doing this kind of thing if I was in London, Chicago, or any other major place I know people online.

I have learned to expect this kind of thing when travelling with me.

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12 Responses to I Regret Not Meeting Kristof the German

  1. janet5 says:

    You are rather disturbingly like me. I have been known to arrive in a city where I actually know people (i.e., in the real life sense), only to discover that I have forgotten to mention when I’d be arriving, despite having told them months before that I was planning to visit at some point. I also can’t seem to manage meeting up with people I know in New York City, which is precisely two and a half hours away by bus, thereby finding myself wandering in the city wondering why I have no one to hang out with. Why do I do this?

    We should clearly never travel together. If we did actually manage to meet each other, we would probably magnetically repel everyone else within a ten mile radius.

  2. k- says:

    This post made me unbelievably sad.

  3. janet5 says:

    Did I completely misread its tone? It struck me as absurd (and slightly ridiculous), but not sad. Then again, I do exactly the same thing, so maybe I have just gotten used to myself this way. And since I have been known to completely misread Steve’s lyrics and music, maybe I’m misreading his prose as well. . . alas.

  4. k- says:

    The sadness comes from missed connections in an enormous world. That was underscored when Kristof said he’d see Steve when he comes to Australia in, like, 20 years. And it reminded me of the fact that when I was in Scotland, I couldn’t get down to London and visit Daisy. But that might have been a good thing because I think she likes my cyber self but would have been profoundly disappointed by my real self. So, maybe upon further reflection, this isn’t a sad post after all.

  5. Great Southern Steve says:

    Kristof and I would have kind of stumbled around each other in halting English-German, had a few beers and gone to see some band or other. It would have been fun, but probably pretty clumsy. I regret not doing it because he was so close by. So I guess it was kind of sad and ridiculous.

    I was in Scotland a few years ago and did not get down to London to see Daisy, or some non-virtual friends there either. We had this big plan that everyone was going to come up and join us on Skye, and at the last minute they e-mailed and said “turns out Scotland is actually really far away and hard to get to. Can’t you just come to London?” But our schedule was already set.

  6. Kristof says:

    Actually it wouldn´t have been clumsy, but totally thrilling to meet in me in real life. I´m not even too much into beer. (Now read this with a strong german accent and imagine standing next to me at a Morrissey show without being much into Morrissey…)

    • Great Southern Steve says:

      I can so imagine that.

      I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pictures of you you smoking water bongs. Maybe we could have done that.

      Anyway I’m glad you came over here.

  7. Daisy Anne says:

    Yeah, what is with you guys all coming to Scotland and not coming to hang out with me down here? A girl’s feelings could get hurt, you know.

    I’m pretty sure I would have liked Kevin in real life even more than online. And the same goes for Doc Stevie, too.

    Also: Hi Kristof! Your wonderful painting still adorns my wall!

    • Steevo says:

      Clearly, it’s a C-O-N…spiracy! 😛

      someday, there’ll be more mini-summits.

      Personally, I think sondra holds the record for having met the most posters.

      • Daisy Anne says:

        Yes, I think Sondra does hold the record!
        I’ve met Stoopid Jonny and Todd from the American contingent.

        I met most of the UK and Ireland posters, except Dan the man.

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