Set-Up Thread: Profile Settings, Links, Categories, New Members and all that stuff

I guess we are still in set up mode and there are probably a few people new to wordpress, so…

You don’t have to remain known as oevets or whatever…if you want to edit your profile go to users > your profile and rename yourself ‘sexkitten’, et al. And upload a photo too, if you can.

Re: addings links, I’ve had a go at a few, but please add more, including your own and other people you dig. Go to links > add new.

Finally: we got three uncategorised posts now – you can easily create caregories like ‘music’ or ‘poetry’ while you are posting.

And, I repeat, seeing as so far, we are all added as administratorz (including Alex, btw) you can fuck around with other stuff too. In fact it’s actually possible to edit other people posts, but that could get ugly…


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26 Responses to Set-Up Thread: Profile Settings, Links, Categories, New Members and all that stuff

  1. rjohn says:


  2. Southern Steve says:

    I’m still in manager mode but I will make a real post soon.

    John, I gussed the e-mail address you would have used. You are in. Post something.

    RE: Adding new members:

    Mack wants to join but I do not know his e-mail adress, he didn’t say what it was. Thanks to whoever added Miranda.

    Will someone who knows her well try to snare Nora Rocket? It would be great fun to have her blog over here.

    I’m going to see if I can lure Jason Katison over too.

  3. k- says:

    I think I’ve added Mack as an Admin.
    Either that or I signed him up for a free habanero colonic.
    I’m sure he’ll appreciate either one.

  4. miranda bastard says:

    So I changed the header image. I’ll switch it up again later when I have photoshop, but I figure this one is at least less of an eyesore for now. If anyone disagrees with the change let me know and I’ll work on something else or put the original one back.

  5. janet5 says:

    I like this header. Thanks. Presumably there could be a migrating/rotating header thingy going on, instead of having a permanent one? (says she, who needs to learn lots about blogging before accidentally crashing down the whole site in a cloud of ions).

  6. Southern Steve says:

    I like the new header too, Miranda.

    I agree it could be changed periodically. Janet, if you want to upload or particularly if the font or font size is an issue, it’s possible to just write the site name (or some deviation of it) onto the image using photoshop or GIMP or whatever, and then go to the custom header area under and ‘hide’ the site name that’s generated by wordpress.

    I had a vague plan to do this and get photos of people posting here to make a collage for the header, but that could be a ways down the track. Not sure if it’s going to fly yet. Also, our chief poet claims to be allergic to digital and cannot provide photos of himself.

  7. Steevo says:

    I think I got it to work.

  8. maggieloveshopey says:

    I managed to get rotating headers going on one version of my blog, but it took a colossal amount of dicking about with CSS, and I am not sure how editable these (as opposed to .org) templates are…

  9. Great Southern Steve says:

    I’m not even sure what CSS stands for my D000000000000000d.

    I think this is going to be pretty low-tech. And low-budget. If I were going to pay for an upgrade it would be the Space Upgrade (for mp3s and all that) and not the custom CSS upgrade, coz I think you’d be the only person who would know how to use it.

  10. great southern steve says:

    Punk Planet is down today.

    Both at home and at work so I’m pretrty sure it’s nothing going on this end.

    It’s just…not there. I find this disconcerting. Maybe they’re just fisxing a few things?

    • k- says:

      It is down from here as well. Don’t know what that means.
      But I see you used that free time to get your site back up and running. Good on ya.

      • janet5 says:

        Yeah, it was down last night (east coast US time) and still is this afternoon. Hmph. It would be a shame if I lost all those nice pm’s people sent me. Well, I mean, all three of them.

      • Daisy Anne says:

        I’ll just send you email instead of pm’s.

        re: — maybe Sinker got tired of paying for it?

  11. Great Southern Steve says:

    I just checked out that NING thing Dan was talking about and I gotta say it does look pretty good.

    One of the main reasons for doing this is, exactlay as Dan says, we can easily replicate the punkplanet set up for free without having some absent uncle figure bankrolling it.

    Is wordpress the go? I’m not committed to it, it’s just what I know. Maybe a few more folks could check out NING and make some kind of decision.

    Personally, I like the new style here. It seems to be drawing out a new kind of content. But not being able to imbed pictures or anything in comments is a bitch.


    • Daisy Anne says:

      I like this set up, and I do agree that it brings out different and markedly interesting content.
      But I think Ning could be interesting, too. The idea of creating a
      social network is somewhat fascinating for me.
      I suppose I am on the fence about it.

  12. Great Southern Steve says:

    Waaah! Why did you delete both your posts?


  13. Daisy Anne says:

    Sorry Doc — I suddenly hated them! 😦

  14. Great Southern Steve says:

    Oh. Bummorz. I really liked the library one.

    I know the kind of table you mean anyway. Always so much more tempting to deface something like that than scrawl on a replaceable chipboard number from Ikea.

  15. k- says:

    Daisy should be stripped of her Admin powers pronto! No more deleting your awesome posts, damnit!
    Damnit, damnit, damnit!

    Mack, I’ll try to send you another copy of BABYLON.

  16. Greg the Rat Nest says:

    Uh, I need to trashy this joint up?

  17. Great Southern Steve says:

    Hi Greg

    You need to join wordpress and then make a comment using the email you used to join. We just need to know the e-mail address. Make a comment and fill out the e-mail section with that address, and someone who is an admin can see it.

    Who is BL cakes?

  18. Great Southern Steve says:


    I thought it might be NZ Johnny-cakes.

    edited later: the blog is starting to play up already. Sometimes blcakes is on the poster list, then she keeps disappearing again.

    I wonder if wordpress is actually built sturdily enough to handle a few dozen posters on the same blog.

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