So what type of content were we wanting to post here? Is it just a “whatever goes” kind of thing, “whatever goes that is sort of punk-related” or what? Also, I’m thinking of doing a picture a day type thing starting in a week or so. Is that something you guys would be interested in seeing here?

p.s. Did I upload this post and also my picture correctly? I don’t really know how to use wordpress at all.

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8 Responses to Content?

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    Hi Miranda,

    Re content: Yeah, whatever is interesting, punk related, all of that. We all seem to have individual sites anyway so why not all cross post some stuff here and make a central point?

    A picture a day sounds great. You would probably end up being the most regular poster here though. I’m going to post about once or twice a week, on music.

    If you hate the header, change it. You are an administrator, right? You can go into the appearance / custom image header and fiddle around with new images.


  2. k- says:

    My photo only shows up when I comment, like this. Over there on the right, I’m just a angry purple snowflake.

  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    No it doesn’t, dude. It’s the purple ice flower in both places.

  4. Daisy Anne says:

    I’d love to see your photo a day, Miranda!

  5. miranda bastard says:

    Alright, I’ll cross-post some pictures here, then. Maybe not every day but probably a couple times a week. I might liveblog some AMC stuff this weekend too.

    My harddrive is completely full right now, but once I replace it with my larger harddrive I’ll get photoshop again and make a pretty new header. I also have to wait until then to start downloading photos from my camera.

    I think this will be a pretty cool thing if we don’t let it die or let Aaron kill it.

  6. Kristof says:

    i started a picture series of me waking up 5 minutes before sunrise (every day). stupid idea, lame pics -> art.

  7. k- says:

    Kristof, I’ve added you as an Admin so you can post stuff and run amok as you see fit.

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